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Dark Skies in Voyageurs

The night sky is filled with wonder. From the Moon to Mars, the Milky Way to meteors, a whole new world is waiting for you to step outside and look up. With its exceptional dark skies, Voyageurs offers many ways to embrace the night.


Discover the Night in Voyageurs

  • A view of the Milkyway over the park
    Discover the Dark Skies over Voyageurs

    Learn about stargazing, being a certified Dark Sky Park, the Northern Lights, and much more on the night sky at Voyageurs.

  • Streaks of light shoot across a dark night sky, surrounded by stars.
    Shooting Stars: Meteors and Meteoroids

    Meteors "shooting stars" are small debris fragments burning up in Earth's atmosphere. Meteor showers often give spectacular displays.

  • A bright line of stars stretches across a dark horizon lined by shadowy silhouettes of trees

    Learn techniques for stargazing, prime spots to view the dark sky in the park, when to view the International Space Station, and more.

  • An illustration depicts two figures standing beside a large canoe under a starry sky.
    Attend a Dark Sky Program

    Voyageurs host multiple dark programs throughout the year; check out the programs page to learn how you can attend one.

  • A circular image shows a streak of bright blue stars against a purple/blue background.
    Learn Voyageurs' Dark Sky Story

    Voyageurs is a designated International Dark Sky Park. Learn about the process and find out how you can explore the night.

Last updated: May 2, 2024

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