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Find out what it takes to be a voyageur and experience the life of one on a virtual north canoe voyage.

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Spiny water flea is a little crustacean that's causing a big problem for native wildlife. This unique looking non-native invasive creature is interrupting the food web from the bottom up. It devours…

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As you plan your trip to Voyageurs, there are a few things you might appreciate knowing!


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Ranger Lisa: “Are you ready to go?”

All Students: “YEAH!”

Ranger Lisa: Good. Okay; let’s head out.

*Sound of kids chattering as they put on snowshoes*

Student: This is more slippery than I thought.

Ranger Lisa: I’ve got a really unique, fun job for snowshoeing. I get to go out and teach boys and girls, and all sorts of different visitors how to snowshoe. How to do that activity so they can go out and appreciate the beautiful scenery in Voyageurs National Park.

Student: Whoohoo!

Student: Hey, you should really try sliding. It’s awesome!

Ranger Lisa: …And the early Native Americans who would’ve lived in this area a few hundred years ago, they would’ve been the first people to use snowshoes in what is now Voyageurs National Park. Whether you used snowshoes a few hundred years ago or you use snowshoes today, all snowshoes are made up of three basic parts.

Student: Let’s slide!

Student: I get to be a penguin today!

*Sound of kids chattering as they snowshoe down a trail*

Student: It’s fun!

Ranger Lisa: …snowshoe. Does this kind of look big and round like a bear paw?

Student: Yeah.

Ranger Lisa: Yeah, you can see where it got its name. If you are going to be hiking deep in the woods where there are a lot of trees around you, you want to be able to turn around in the woods without hitting your tail on the bottom parts of those trees.

*Sound of kids laughing and chattering*

Ranger Lisa: should we see what happens if I take off my snowshoe?

Student: No!

Other students: Yeah.

Ranger Lisa: You might have to come and pull me out.

Student: Okay.

Student: Aaah!

Ranger Lisa: Do you think my snowshoes do a pretty good job?

Student: I would like to stay here all day.

*Sounds of kids and Lisa chattering and laughing*

Student: YAAAAY!!

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Join a group of environmental education students as ranger Lisa Maass leads them and their teachers on a snowshoe hike.


Last updated: May 4, 2020

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