Voyageurs Wetland Restoration Project

six images of wetlands restoration work.  Machine and hand removal along a shoreline, removing floating mats from a boat, burning dead cattail stands, seeding treated area with native plants,white and grey cranes on  wetland, green strands of wild rice
Wetlands restoration project

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In 2015, Voyageurs National Park staff started the Voyageurs Wetland Restoration Project to restore wetlands that had been degraded by invasive hybrid cattails and other factors. The goal of this project is to mechanically remove cattail and other invasive plants and restore native vegetation, such as wild rice, using new and established techniques. Our project is also evaluating the effectiveness of our restoration strategies for their use in Voyageurs National Park and the surrounding region.

Voyageurs National Park staff and partners have been working to restore degraded wetlands during Phases 1 & 2 of the project since our start in 2015. We are currently seeking >$1.6 million to initiate Phase 3 of the project.

We have developed an array of tools to combat invasive cattails and other aquatic invasive species and restore biological diversity to these critical natural features.

Project staff and partners monitor key indicators of ecosystem health and function, including aquatic plants, marsh birds, and aquatic mammals like muskrats.
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Video of the restoration of wetlands in Voyageurs National Park from the removing of exotic invasive cattails, to the reseeding of native plants, and the rejuvenation of the wetlands to its natural habitat.

three views of before and after restoration, showing less cattails and more wild rice
Examples of measured success from Phases 1 & 2 of the 10 year project

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Wetlands Restoration Team
2022 Voyageurs Wetland Restoration Project staff. Sitting (left to right): Ella Shively, Sheridan Noll. Back row (left to right): Jerry Warmbold, Ryan Handeland, Abby Kostiuk, Cat Berrick, Harris Kramer, Steve Windels. Not shown: Erika Meints, Morgan Smith.

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Voyageurs National Park Wetlands Restoration Project Staff

Last updated: September 8, 2022

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