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Trees and Water
Voyageurs National Park is a mosaic of land, water, wetlands and sky where auroras shine over 2.7 billion-year-old rocks, fire and beavers alter ecosystems that help sustain thousands of plants and animals, and on-going research increases our understanding of nature’s interconnectedness.
  • View of tall round mound made of sticks and mud in the middle of water in front of trees

    Supporting uniquely adapted plants and animals, park wetlands are being restored for wild rice and other native vegetation to thrive.

  • Large rock surrounded by water

    Few things are as old as the rocks in Voyageurs. These 2.7 billion old rocks lie right at the earth's surface for all to see and touch.

  • Sunset behind trees and lake in front of trees
    Water, Air, and Sky

    Melding at horizon, water, air, and sky become one in the interconnected ecosystems of Voyageurs.

  • Three otters on wooden planks sleeping and grooming

    Sun-basking otters, stately bald eagles, howling wolves, prehistoric sturgeon, and hundreds of other animals inhabit Voyageurs' habitats.

  • Pink and white flowers among green grass, shrubs, and trees

    Pink lady's slippers show off among over 1000 plant species found in the park as northern hardwood forest transitions to southern boreal.

  • Spiny glob on fishing line over water
    Alien Invaders

    Invasive species not only can harm native species and ecosystems but also may have recreational and economic impacts on humans.

  • Water in front of trees with red, yellow and green leaves
    Forests and Fire

    For millennia, fire has been vital in rejuvenating forests. Today balancing fire, forest health, and visitor use is essential in Voyaguers.

  •  Four people in two canoes on the water among wild rice plants
    Stewardship, Preservation, Research

    Behind the scenes, park scientists monitor natural and cultural resources, keeping them safe for now and for the future.

  • High water covering walkway, in front of lake with wooden platforms floating in the water
    Climate Change

    As a changing climate is changing Voyageurs, the park is monitoring and mitigating the impacts.

Last updated: March 20, 2023

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