Historical photo of a person canoeing on a lake
Historical photograph of a person canoeing along an unknown shoreline.

Thousands of years ago, the waters of ancient Lake Agassiz, larger than any lake today, covered this northern region into Canada, and as its waters ebbed, the first people followed.

Historical Photo:  Lady fishing from rock
Historical photo of a woman fishing from a rock at I.W. Stevens resort.

Today, stand on a rocky shore in Voyageurs National Park:

  • like people of the early cultures, you will hear the water lapping on rocks and wind in the pines.
  • like the fur traders, you will see signs of beaver and other wild creatures.
  • like the early pioneers of industry, you will see rocks veined with gold, forests of pine and aspen, and miles of waterways.
  • like the first recreation seekers, you will see a place of beauty little changed.


Last updated: May 4, 2018

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