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Natural Resource Publications

Rogers, C.S.: A Unique Coral Community in the Mangroves of Hurricane Hole, St. John, US Virgin Islands, Diversity 2017, 9, 29; doi;103390/d9030029. Rogers CS, Miller J (2016) Measuring, interpreting, and responding to changes in coral reefs: a challenge for biologists, geologists, and managers. In: Hubbard DK et al. (eds), Coral Reefs at the Crossroads, Coral Reefs of the World 6. DOI 10.1007/978-94-017-7567-0_12. Springer, pp 277-292

National Park Service Site Bulletin "Protect Yourself, Protect the Reef!" The impacts of sunscreens on our coral reefs.
Diverse coral communities in mangrove habitats suggest a novel refuge from climate change" K. K. Yates, C. S. Rogers, J. J. Herlan, G. R. Brooks, N. A. Smiley, and R. A. Larson South Florida/Caribbean Network. 2013.
Coral Reef Monitoring in the Virgin Islands National Park 2012. Resource Brief-2205240. Hall, K. and K. Keller Lynn. 2010. (Accessible Version)
NPS Geodiversity Atlas—Virgin Islands National Park, Virgin Islands
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Elizabeth A. Pendleton, E. Robert Thieler, and S. Jeffress Williams 2004.
Coastal Vulnerability Assessment of Virgin Islands National Park (VIIS) to Sea-Level Rise. Open-File Report 2004-1398 U.S. Geological Survey South Florida/Caribbean Network. 2013.
Virgin Islands National Park: geologic resources inventory report. Natural Resource Report NPS/NRPC/GRD/NRR—2010/226. National Park Service, Fort Collins, Colorado
Kenneth G. Rice, J. Hardin Waddle, Marquette E. Crockett, Raymond R. Carthy, and H. Franklin Percival. Herpetofaunal Inventories of the National Parks of South Florida and the Caribbean: Volume II. Virgin Islands National Park. Professional Paper 1631. Open-File Report 2005-1301

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