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Trunk Bay
June 28, 2016
New Concession Operator Selected for Cinnamon Bay and Trunk Bay Areas of Virgin Islands National Park
ST. JOHN, USVI – Virgin Islands National Park officials announced that Redwood Parks Company, LLC, has been selected to provide commercial services at Cinnamon Bay and Trunk Bay under the terms of a new 15 year concessions contract, effective October 1, 2016.
Follow this link for the full press release.
Concession Prospectus for the Cinnamon and Trunk Bay Concession.
On April 7th, 2015, the National Park Service (NPS) issued a prospectus for solicitation of offers for a 15-year concession contract to provide Lodging, Camping, Food and Beverage, Retail, Equipment Rental and Other Services at the Cinnamon Bay and Trunk Bay areas within Virgin Island National Park.

The business opportunity provides interested parties a range of hospitality services in this well-known national park and has the potential to touch the lives of over half a million recreational visitors on an annual basis. These operations include overnight experiences on the world famous Cinnamon Bay Beach either at the charming and rustic cottages or in pre-set up eco tents. Under this opportunity, the Concessioner will also provide food, beverage and retail services at Trunk Bay where the beach and underwater snorkeling trail provide a breathtaking National Park experience for thousands visiting St. John.

As of early September 2015 a NPS review panel evaluated the bids received on the principle and secondary selection factors laid out in the prospectus as advertised on April 7, 2015. The review panel consisted of NPS personnel with expertise in areas related to the selection factors and with experience in the evaluation process. The group is advised on legal issues by an attorney from the Department of Interior Solicitors Office throughout the review process. The panel recommendation is being readied for review by the Solicitors Office and will be forwarded to the National Park Service Regional Director, Southeast Region.Once approved at this level it is sent to the Chief Financial Officer of the National Park Service for approval. Once approved, the selected party must sign and execute a contract. Since this contract will be for 15 years, the Service is required by regulation to submit it to both the U.S. House of Representatives (Committee on Resources) and the U.S. Senate (Committee on Energy and Natural Resources). This review takes 60 days and must be completed before the final award can take place. We anticipate having the operator of the new contact in place by early summer of 2016.

Persons wanting to know more about this specific contract can review the prospectus here.

Persons wanting to know more about National Park Service Concession Law, Regulation and Policy including the framework for solicitation, evaluation and award of concession contracts as outlined in 36 CFR Part 51 are encouraged to visit

Conducting Business in the Park

Commercial Services within Virgin Islands National Park is managed through the Concessions Office. Anyone wishing to embark on a business venture within the boundary of the Park is encouraged to contact that Office for an explanation of the requirements. You may contact the Park's Concession Office by calling (340) 776-6201, ext. 221 or ext. 224. One may also visit and/or download a copy of the Park's Commercial Service Plan if contemplating a commercial venture within the Park.


Commercial Use Authorizations

The content of this letter from the Superintendent of Virgin Islands National Park/Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument outlines the permitting process for Commercial Use Authorizations. All prospect applicants are encouraged to read it.

The majority of the commercial activities authorized by the Commercial Services Plan begin and terminate outside the park and are subject to commercial use authorization (CUA). The CUA is a mechanism to authorize and monitor those commercial uses and activities for which concession contracts are not appropriate. Key aspects of the CUA process at VINP include:

--Permits are issued on a calendar year basis, beginning January 1 and ending December31st. Partial year authorizations are not generally available

--Each commercial use of park land or waters requires an individual CUA. Business operating more than one service must obtain a permit for each commercial activity.

-- To provide for a market competition, a limitation of three CUAs per business is established.

--Pursuant to the Cost Recovery Act (16 USC 3a) and NPS policy, all CUAs are subject to a fee based upon recovery of NPS application, administration and monitoring costs.

Click below to access Commercial Use Authorization documents:
Inquiry Letter for Commercial Use Authorization
Application for Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) in Hurricane Hole
Application for Commercial Use Authorization in Virgin Islands National Park
Required Documentation and Fee Schedule

Operating Conditions within the Virgin Islands National Park Service

The Virgin Islands National Park (VINP) was established to protect and preserve the scenic and natural environment and cultural heritage for future generations to enjoy. We are all privileged to live andwork in this beautiful environment. Our livelihood depends on keeping these islands and surrounding waters naturally healthy and beautiful for generations to come. Given this charge, we thank you for complying with the following operating conditions. Please share applicable regulations with your guests.

The following documents highlights the operating conditions within the park:

Application Cover letter

Commercial Hiking Outfitter Guide Operating Conditions
Commercial Kayaking Outfitter Guide Operating Conditions
Commercial Land-Based Tour Operating Conditions
Commercial Scuba Outfitter Guide Operating Conditions
Commercial Wedding/Event Organizers Operating Conditions
Commercial Vessel Operating Conditions
Commercial Use Authorization Survey

Please contact Mr. Paul Jones at (340) 776-6201, ext. 224 for further information regarding Commercial Use Authorization and/or Operating Conditions within the park.

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