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0:00:02.500,0:00:05.970 Session regarding the future of Kannil Bay.

0:00:05.970,0:00:08.280 My name is Ben West and I'll

0:00:08.280,0:00:12.290 be serving tonight as the

0:00:12.290,0:00:14.070 moderator for the for the event.

0:00:14.070,0:00:15.780 I work for the National Park Service

0:00:15.780,0:00:19.060 out of our regional office in Atlanta,

0:00:19.060,0:00:21.770 GA and I am responsible for assisting

0:00:21.770,0:00:25.019 parks with their long term planning needs,

0:00:25.019,0:00:26.080 such as what we're going to be talking

0:00:26.080,0:00:28.960 about tonight and before we get started,

0:00:28.960,0:00:30.800 I'd like to go over the agenda,

0:00:30.800,0:00:33.320 which hopefully you can see on your screens.

0:00:33.320,0:00:34.640 For the evening and then cover

0:00:34.640,0:00:37.520 some aspects of the teams platform

0:00:37.520,0:00:38.650 that will be using tonight,

0:00:38.650,0:00:39.960 so hopefully you were able

0:00:39.960,0:00:41.610 to see things on the agenda.

0:00:41.610,0:00:42.610 So I'm going to.

0:00:42.610,0:00:43.910 I'm going to just say a couple of words.

0:00:43.910,0:00:44.910 Then I'm going to pass it

0:00:44.910,0:00:46.399 to the Park Superintendent,

0:00:46.399,0:00:47.750 the Park Superintendent for Virgin

0:00:47.750,0:00:50.520 Islands National Park, Nigel Fields.

0:00:50.520,0:00:51.520 After I'm done,

0:00:51.520,0:00:52.860 he's going to provide an overview and

0:00:52.860,0:00:55.199 update of activities that can heal Bay and

0:00:55.199,0:00:57.920 objectives for the meeting this evening.

0:00:57.920,0:00:59.470 Then I'm going to do a brief introduction

0:00:59.470,0:01:01.740 of how we're going to be moving to small

0:01:01.740,0:01:04.140 groups were going to be breaking up.

0:01:04.140,0:01:05.140 In the interest of trying to

0:01:05.140,0:01:07.250 get the most interaction tonight

0:01:07.250,0:01:09.820 into smaller group discussions,

0:01:09.820,0:01:11.840 we will then have hopefully the

0:01:11.840,0:01:13.970 most amount of time in our small

0:01:13.970,0:01:16.290 groups to work through some things.

0:01:16.290,0:01:17.960 Some questions with with you all.

0:01:17.960,0:01:19.750 Then we will come back to the main

0:01:19.750,0:01:23.310 group around 7:00 o'clock to do a report

0:01:23.310,0:01:24.920 out of some of the key things that

0:01:24.920,0:01:27.480 we discussed in those small groups.

0:01:27.480,0:01:28.549 And then Nigel will close this

0:01:28.549,0:01:32.250 out and talk about next steps.

0:01:32.250,0:01:34.020 So that is the agenda for the evening.

0:01:34.020,0:01:36.700 You can see the rough time frames for.

0:01:36.700,0:01:37.850 How we anticipate,

0:01:37.850,0:01:40.570 hopefully moving through it.

0:01:40.570,0:01:43.930 I I'm gonna just quickly do a brief

0:01:43.930,0:01:47.180 orientation to Microsoft Teams.

0:01:47.180,0:01:48.320 You'll notice some features might

0:01:48.320,0:01:49.380 be disabled,

0:01:49.380,0:01:52.369 like even my my video is delayed

0:01:52.369,0:01:54.450 because you know the videos and the

0:01:54.450,0:01:56.880 audio sometimes just doesn't work well.

0:01:56.880,0:01:58.360 So we have some things disabled,

0:01:58.360,0:02:00.810 but everything will be returned.

0:02:00.810,0:02:02.149 So you can turn on your microphones

0:02:02.149,0:02:04.700 and engage with this fully as soon

0:02:04.700,0:02:05.920 as we're done with this particular

0:02:05.920,0:02:07.479 session and we're going to be using

0:02:07.479,0:02:11.430 these virtual small groups as a way to.

0:02:11.430,0:02:12.810 Provide the discussion to get feedback

0:02:12.810,0:02:14.599 from as many folks as possible,

0:02:14.599,0:02:15.810 as opposed to just having you all

0:02:15.810,0:02:20.040 in in one particular session.

0:02:20.040,0:02:21.780 The things you will see on the screen,

0:02:21.780,0:02:22.780 let me just quickly do the

0:02:22.780,0:02:25.060 controls of the top right as your

0:02:25.060,0:02:27.540 main control panel for teams,

0:02:27.540,0:02:28.840 so this is where you will spend most

0:02:28.840,0:02:30.310 of the time playing around with the

0:02:30.310,0:02:33.920 interface for the meeting tonight.

0:02:33.920,0:02:35.230 One of the most important ones is

0:02:35.230,0:02:36.670 some of you have your cameras on.

0:02:36.670,0:02:37.700 Some of you don't.

0:02:37.700,0:02:38.950 It's totally up to you,

0:02:38.950,0:02:40.480 but the little camera icon is how

0:02:40.480,0:02:42.590 you turn on and off your camera.

0:02:42.590,0:02:44.920 Of course, we'd love to see you when

0:02:44.920,0:02:46.120 we get to the point of interacting

0:02:46.120,0:02:47.670 and having conversations with you.

0:02:47.670,0:02:48.760 You're welcome to turn your camera

0:02:48.760,0:02:51.300 on and off button right next

0:02:51.300,0:02:53.130 to it is the mute button.

0:02:53.130,0:02:54.130 Right now it's disabled,

0:02:54.130,0:02:55.130 but eventually you'll be able

0:02:55.130,0:02:56.800 to turn on and off your your

0:02:56.800,0:03:00.569 microphone and speak with us using

0:03:00.569,0:03:03.959 the audio portions of the meeting.

0:03:03.959,0:03:04.959 If you are interested who

0:03:04.959,0:03:06.630 is with us this evening,

0:03:06.630,0:03:08.010 you can click on the participants

0:03:08.010,0:03:10.700 icon there in in the first one in

0:03:10.700,0:03:12.080 the top and you can see the list

0:03:12.080,0:03:14.190 of all the people you'll see,

0:03:14.190,0:03:15.190 phone numbers.

0:03:15.190,0:03:16.330 Some people may not have Internet

0:03:16.330,0:03:18.510 connections and have to call in via phone.

0:03:18.510,0:03:20.730 So thank you all for being with

0:03:20.730,0:03:23.060 us folks that are on the phone.

0:03:23.060,0:03:25.659 And and we're sorry,

0:03:25.659,0:03:26.830 perhaps you had trouble getting access

0:03:26.830,0:03:29.790 via the virtual platform on the Internet,

0:03:29.790,0:03:31.640 but hopefully even on the phone

0:03:31.640,0:03:32.910 we will be able to engage you in

0:03:32.910,0:03:34.590 ways that you can share your your

0:03:34.590,0:03:36.820 thoughts and an concerns or issues

0:03:36.820,0:03:38.640 you might have about Camille.

0:03:38.640,0:03:41.140 I already mentioned the three little

0:03:41.140,0:03:43.150 dots may give you some insight

0:03:43.150,0:03:45.840 as to some additional options

0:03:45.840,0:03:47.950 in the in the interface.

0:03:47.950,0:03:50.090 The device settings if you're having trouble

0:03:50.090,0:03:52.320 with your camera or your microphone.

0:03:52.320,0:03:53.320 Sometimes those three dots you can

0:03:53.320,0:03:55.319 get into the device settings and

0:03:55.319,0:03:59.530 improve the performance using that.

0:03:59.530,0:04:02.129 If you'd like to turn on closed captions,

0:04:02.129,0:04:04.290 you can click on the the CC

0:04:04.290,0:04:06.170 and turn on the live captions.

0:04:06.170,0:04:07.840 It'll run right across the bottom of

0:04:07.840,0:04:10.069 the screen just like closed captioning

0:04:10.069,0:04:15.440 would on the on any TV broadcast.

0:04:15.440,0:04:16.620 And then if you if you need

0:04:16.620,0:04:18.370 to leave for some reason,

0:04:18.370,0:04:20.900 obviously the big telephone with the

0:04:20.900,0:04:22.550 red button leaves is what you would

0:04:22.550,0:04:24.590 Click to to leave the meeting and and

0:04:24.590,0:04:26.550 by leaving you don't close the meeting,

0:04:26.550,0:04:27.550 you just leave,

0:04:27.550,0:04:28.550 obviously yourself and their

0:04:28.550,0:04:29.550 meeting keeps going.

0:04:29.550,0:04:32.000 But if you need to leave then then that's

0:04:32.000,0:04:34.900 that's what that's how you would do that.

0:04:34.900,0:04:35.900 So now I'm going to pass

0:04:35.900,0:04:36.900 it to Superintendent.

0:04:36.900,0:04:37.930 I have a great honor of

0:04:37.930,0:04:39.500 introducing Nigel Fields.

0:04:39.500,0:04:40.500 Is the Superintendent for the

0:04:40.500,0:04:43.150 Virgin Islands National Park Nigel.

0:04:43.150,0:04:44.460 Please take it away.

0:04:44.460,0:04:45.900 Hey, thank you Ben.

0:04:45.900,0:04:47.199 And good evening everyone,

0:04:47.199,0:04:49.380 it is fantastic to see this level of

0:04:49.380,0:04:51.750 interest tonight on a Thursday evening

0:04:51.750,0:04:53.890 in the midst of a global pandemic.

0:04:53.890,0:04:54.890 And Speaking of which,

0:04:54.890,0:04:55.890 I want to give a great shout

0:04:55.890,0:04:57.440 out to the Virgin Islands for

0:04:57.440,0:04:58.560 achieving the lowest

0:04:58.560,0:05:00.940 cobett positive ITI rate that we've seen

0:05:00.940,0:05:02.590 since the beginning of the pandemic.

0:05:02.590,0:05:04.180 I think all of you for your

0:05:04.180,0:05:05.770 role in keeping us safe.

0:05:05.770,0:05:06.870 I also want to take a moment to

0:05:06.870,0:05:08.620 shout out to the Virgin Islands

0:05:08.620,0:05:10.570 National Park staff for continuing

0:05:10.570,0:05:13.830 to achieve our goal of zero percent.

0:05:13.830,0:05:17.440 0% transmission of covid in the workplace

0:05:17.440,0:05:19.740 you've been prevented with our practices.

0:05:19.740,0:05:20.890 You've been volunteering to get

0:05:20.890,0:05:22.930 vaccinations and protect yourselves

0:05:22.930,0:05:24.450 and your families and our visitors.

0:05:24.450,0:05:26.120 And I thank you.

0:05:26.120,0:05:28.020 I also want to acknowledge that I think

0:05:28.020,0:05:30.730 that this third time appears to be the charm.

0:05:30.730,0:05:33.690 We set out two other times in the last

0:05:33.690,0:05:36.160 year and a half to have this meeting.

0:05:36.160,0:05:37.729 So now we're here and I think all of

0:05:37.729,0:05:39.180 you for working through all of the

0:05:39.180,0:05:41.630 technology issues and finding a way

0:05:41.630,0:05:44.690 for us to be together this evening.

0:05:44.690,0:05:46.500 The National Park Service is seeking

0:05:46.500,0:05:48.669 community input and we want your

0:05:48.669,0:05:51.150 vision for the future of Camille Bay.

0:05:51.150,0:05:52.150 In particular,

0:05:52.150,0:05:53.500 we aim to hear from Saint Joan

0:05:53.500,0:05:55.639 IANS in Virgin Islanders.

0:05:55.639,0:05:57.310 Because of the specificity of

0:05:57.310,0:05:59.710 your insight and your experience.

0:05:59.710,0:06:02.539 We are keenly aware that the decisions

0:06:02.539,0:06:04.300 at the Park Service makes regarding

0:06:04.300,0:06:06.460 the future of Caneel Bay will shape

0:06:06.460,0:06:08.860 aspects of life on Saint John well beyond

0:06:08.860,0:06:12.199 just the domains of tourism and hospitality.

0:06:12.199,0:06:13.490 So while there are many complicated

0:06:13.490,0:06:15.100 features of Camille Bay and there's

0:06:15.100,0:06:17.259 lots of work for us to do ahead,

0:06:17.259,0:06:18.419 Simply put,

0:06:18.419,0:06:19.419 we need to hear from you

0:06:19.419,0:06:21.169 because you're you are key.

0:06:21.169,0:06:24.670 Part of our success and we need to make

0:06:24.670,0:06:27.069 sure the weekend work together toward the

0:06:27.069,0:06:31.370 future of Camille Bay and of Saint John.

0:06:31.370,0:06:32.990 Next slide, please.

0:06:32.990,0:06:35.160 This evening we have about 15

0:06:35.160,0:06:37.160 or so Park Service staff who are

0:06:37.160,0:06:39.539 participating in this virtual meeting.

0:06:39.539,0:06:40.690 In addition to those that are

0:06:40.690,0:06:41.690 here with us this evening,

0:06:41.690,0:06:42.940 we have a broader,

0:06:42.940,0:06:44.389 interdisciplinary team of

0:06:44.389,0:06:45.510 National Park Service.

0:06:45.510,0:06:46.590 Staff were very interested to

0:06:46.590,0:06:48.520 know your thoughts on Camille.

0:06:48.520,0:06:50.660 The team members are from Saint John, St.

0:06:50.660,0:06:51.660 Thomas, St.

0:06:51.660,0:06:53.380 Croix, but also Tennessee,

0:06:53.380,0:06:55.060 Colorado, Georgia,

0:06:55.060,0:06:57.350 Maryland in Washington DC.

0:06:57.350,0:06:58.980 To tackle the range of issues and

0:06:58.980,0:07:01.380 the opportunities with Camille Bay.

0:07:01.380,0:07:04.319 Our team has decades of collective

0:07:04.319,0:07:06.660 experience in the fields of Commercial

0:07:06.660,0:07:10.349 Services such as leasing and concessions,

0:07:10.349,0:07:13.030 environmental health and environmental law.

0:07:13.030,0:07:14.550 Cultural resource management in

0:07:14.550,0:07:17.760 historic preservation, sustainability,

0:07:17.760,0:07:19.389 design and construction,

0:07:19.389,0:07:22.290 community and recreational planning,

0:07:22.290,0:07:23.300 environmental compliance and

0:07:23.300,0:07:25.310 natural resource protection.

0:07:25.310,0:07:26.310 Collectively,

0:07:26.310,0:07:27.979 we're in regular communication and

0:07:27.979,0:07:30.539 were in direct alignment as we advance

0:07:30.539,0:07:32.330 the Secretary's priorities to achieve

0:07:32.330,0:07:33.730 what's best for the Park Service

0:07:33.730,0:07:37.040 and what's best for saying John.

0:07:37.040,0:07:38.319 Next line please.

0:07:38.319,0:07:40.440 So regarding those priorities,

0:07:40.440,0:07:41.970 the Department of Interior Secretary

0:07:41.970,0:07:43.830 Deb Haaland is clear and consistent

0:07:43.830,0:07:45.419 in her expectations about policies

0:07:45.419,0:07:46.419 and practices.

0:07:46.419,0:07:48.580 Are our priorities fundamentally set?

0:07:48.580,0:07:49.580 The direction through which we're

0:07:49.580,0:07:50.990 going to work and approach can

0:07:50.990,0:07:53.330 obey promoting environmental

0:07:53.330,0:07:55.560 innovation in clean energy,

0:07:55.560,0:07:57.289 establishing a new generation of

0:07:57.289,0:07:59.080 Americans to conserve and restore

0:07:59.080,0:08:02.099 public lands in public waters.

0:08:02.099,0:08:03.570 Working closely at every level of

0:08:03.570,0:08:05.270 government and also with the private

0:08:05.270,0:08:08.520 sector to promote conservation.

0:08:08.520,0:08:10.319 Advancing environmental equity and

0:08:10.319,0:08:13.270 environmental justice engaging diverse

0:08:13.270,0:08:15.419 stakeholders leveraging the range

0:08:15.419,0:08:16.889 of our voices and the strengths of

0:08:16.889,0:08:19.250 our networks so that we may work

0:08:19.250,0:08:22.900 towards meeting these priority goals.

0:08:22.900,0:08:25.129 Next slide, please.

0:08:25.129,0:08:28.199 There may be many of you on the

0:08:28.199,0:08:31.000 phone or calling in a virtually with

0:08:31.000,0:08:33.729 us who've lived this experience,

0:08:33.729,0:08:35.459 so please forgive my brevity.

0:08:35.459,0:08:36.560 Our goal is not to provide

0:08:36.560,0:08:37.950 an exhaustive lesson,

0:08:37.950,0:08:40.229 but to rather set the stage for

0:08:40.229,0:08:41.919 why we here and set the stage

0:08:41.919,0:08:43.680 for your small group discussions.

0:08:43.680,0:08:46.980 So in short, the 150 acre Kannil Bay

0:08:46.980,0:08:49.470 State was donated to the Park Service

0:08:49.470,0:08:52.620 from Jackson Hole, preserved in 1983.

0:08:52.620,0:08:54.899 The donation was subject to a retain.

0:08:54.899,0:08:57.649 Mr. State indenture agreement.

0:08:57.649,0:09:00.850 Generally refer to it as an RUE or the roof.

0:09:00.850,0:09:02.420 The roof, for the most part,

0:09:02.420,0:09:03.650 operates fairly independently

0:09:03.650,0:09:05.020 at the National Park Service.

0:09:05.020,0:09:06.519 However, the Roux is set to

0:09:06.519,0:09:10.120 expire September 30th, 2023.

0:09:10.120,0:09:11.839 After September 2023,

0:09:11.839,0:09:13.490 the property converts to being

0:09:13.490,0:09:16.600 managed by the National Park Service.

0:09:16.600,0:09:18.110 Anticipating this expiration date,

0:09:18.110,0:09:21.300 Congress passed Public Law 11216 in 2010.

0:09:21.300,0:09:23.940 The law is relevant.

0:09:23.940,0:09:25.480 It allows the Park Service to

0:09:25.480,0:09:27.100 determine whether our best interest

0:09:27.100,0:09:28.380 is to establish a long term

0:09:28.380,0:09:30.500 lease non competitively with the

0:09:30.500,0:09:32.960 rue Holder was currently cbia.

0:09:32.960,0:09:35.300 Guess this probably probably meant to

0:09:35.300,0:09:36.500 make sure that there was a seamless

0:09:36.500,0:09:39.020 continuity of operations for the resort.

0:09:39.020,0:09:40.020 There were stipulations that

0:09:40.020,0:09:42.620 were included with the law.

0:09:42.620,0:09:45.890 Not limited to making sure that MPs,

0:09:45.890,0:09:47.470 leasing policies and practices

0:09:47.470,0:09:49.170 are followed and maintaining the

0:09:49.170,0:09:51.050 original footprint of the resort.

0:09:51.050,0:09:54.270 And there are other stipulations as well.

0:09:54.270,0:09:55.620 Subsequent to the Park Service

0:09:55.620,0:09:57.190 subsequently to the establishment,

0:09:57.190,0:10:00.220 the law, the Park Service launched and in.

0:10:00.220,0:10:01.279 Weir mental assessment.

0:10:01.279,0:10:02.600 As required by the National

0:10:02.600,0:10:04.410 Environmental Protection Act.

0:10:04.410,0:10:06.420 The process back then included

0:10:06.420,0:10:08.050 drafting a historic district

0:10:08.050,0:10:10.130 nomination in consideration of the

0:10:10.130,0:10:13.600 many historic structures on the site.

0:10:13.600,0:10:14.780 It also included a routine

0:10:14.780,0:10:16.829 environmental site assessment.

0:10:16.829,0:10:18.220 The site assessment revealed that

0:10:18.220,0:10:19.420 there were some concerns that

0:10:19.420,0:10:22.070 warranted further investigation.

0:10:22.070,0:10:27.040 Next slide, please.

0:10:27.040,0:10:28.040 The environmental assessment was

0:10:28.040,0:10:30.860 wrapping up back in two thirty 2013,

0:10:30.860,0:10:32.250 and they recommended the transition

0:10:32.250,0:10:34.930 of the RUE to a long term lease.

0:10:34.930,0:10:38.201 However, in 2014 the Level 2 site

0:10:38.201,0:10:40.760 assessment as well as the 2017

0:10:40.760,0:10:42.250 Removal Site Evaluation report,

0:10:42.250,0:10:43.640 they both pointed towards some

0:10:43.640,0:10:44.980 environmental concerns that

0:10:44.980,0:10:46.420 needed to be addressed before

0:10:46.420,0:10:52.980 negotiations could be finalized.

0:10:52.980,0:10:58.520 Next song.

0:10:58.520,0:10:59.520 Hurricanes Irma and Maria

0:10:59.520,0:11:00.970 clearly had an impact.

0:11:00.970,0:11:02.630 We're now moving toward the 4th

0:11:02.630,0:11:04.510 year since hurricanes Irma Maria

0:11:04.510,0:11:06.100 and there is much work to be done

0:11:06.100,0:11:08.230 with Anthony by implementing a path

0:11:08.230,0:11:10.180 forward for a long term solution.

0:11:10.180,0:11:12.960 Yet we have full view of the starts

0:11:12.960,0:11:16.779 and stops with the preceding 11 years.

0:11:16.779,0:11:17.779 It's important to note that

0:11:17.779,0:11:19.140 we're not starting from scratch.

0:11:19.140,0:11:20.550 The National Park Service continues

0:11:20.550,0:11:22.399 to negotiate with Cbia under the

0:11:22.399,0:11:25.120 authority of our existing legislation.

0:11:25.120,0:11:26.420 With such a large effort ahead

0:11:26.420,0:11:27.800 of us now post arms,

0:11:27.800,0:11:30.150 it is important that we have community input.

0:11:30.150,0:11:32.550 As we move forward.

0:11:32.550,0:11:35.920 Next line.

0:11:35.920,0:11:38.269 Thank you in our short time here.

0:11:38.269,0:11:40.089 I've heard many of you describe

0:11:40.089,0:11:42.269 to me your love of Saint John,

0:11:42.269,0:11:44.340 its history, and the culture.

0:11:44.340,0:11:46.519 Here I've learned of the shockwave

0:11:46.519,0:11:48.380 of freedom and the residents across

0:11:48.380,0:11:50.910 the New world from the 1733 slave

0:11:50.910,0:11:52.460 revolt and the significance of

0:11:52.460,0:11:55.149 Caneel Bay as a part of that story,

0:11:55.149,0:11:56.839 I've held artifacts that provide

0:11:56.839,0:11:58.820 evidence of the movement and settlement

0:11:58.820,0:12:02.510 of indigenous peoples on Saint John.

0:12:02.510,0:12:03.829 And the importance of young people

0:12:03.829,0:12:05.589 learning of these histories and these

0:12:05.589,0:12:08.089 regional and international linkages.

0:12:08.089,0:12:10.760 3000 years of human history in a

0:12:10.760,0:12:12.899 space that continues to beckon

0:12:12.899,0:12:16.959 to all and to inspire.

0:12:16.959,0:12:22.459 Next line.

0:12:22.459,0:12:24.240 The future of Kannil Bay is not

0:12:24.240,0:12:25.680 likely to be a simple thing,

0:12:25.680,0:12:27.350 but rather a faceted thing as

0:12:27.350,0:12:29.279 complex and as rich as the

0:12:29.279,0:12:33.279 community from which it draws.

0:12:33.279,0:12:34.530 We want to know your thoughts,

0:12:34.530,0:12:36.330 your interest, what you value,

0:12:36.330,0:12:38.019 Environmental Protection,

0:12:38.019,0:12:39.889 economic development,

0:12:39.889,0:12:41.250 ecological tourism.

0:12:41.250,0:12:43.430 Sustainability, living,

0:12:43.430,0:12:44.600 building design,

0:12:44.600,0:12:46.500 environmental justice,

0:12:46.500,0:12:48.700 historic preservation.

0:12:48.700,0:12:49.700 Cultural heritage,

0:12:49.700,0:12:51.410 traditional foodways these are

0:12:51.410,0:12:53.310 perhaps among the many reasons

0:12:53.310,0:12:55.870 why we're all here this evening.

0:12:55.870,0:12:58.029 All these reasons are welcome and all

0:12:58.029,0:13:01.130 voices tonight will be respected.

0:13:01.130,0:13:06.459 Next line. Thank you,

0:13:06.459,0:13:08.370 so please mark your calendars.

0:13:08.370,0:13:10.260 We do anticipate there'll be a couple

0:13:10.260,0:13:12.240 of other conversations on Camille Bay.

0:13:12.240,0:13:13.290 We can't cover everything this

0:13:13.290,0:13:15.510 evening coming April 10th,

0:13:15.510,0:13:18.510 which is this Saturday beginning at 12:30.

0:13:18.510,0:13:20.350 There will be a kannil Bay.

0:13:20.350,0:13:24.310 Teach in it, scheduled on WTJX.

0:13:24.310,0:13:25.920 This is sponsored by Saint John Co.

0:13:25.920,0:13:27.970 The Saint John Heritage collective.

0:13:27.970,0:13:29.860 This is not sponsored by the Park Service,

0:13:29.860,0:13:31.480 but it's another resource for the

0:13:31.480,0:13:32.860 community to be engaged on some

0:13:32.860,0:13:35.220 things happening with Neil Bay.

0:13:35.220,0:13:36.990 On May 13th we expect to offer a

0:13:36.990,0:13:38.870 Virgin Islands national parks and

0:13:38.870,0:13:40.380 virtual open house and this will

0:13:40.380,0:13:42.520 feature leadership from the National

0:13:42.520,0:13:44.949 Parks in Saint John and Saint Croix.

0:13:44.949,0:13:45.949 Starting around 6:00 PM.

0:13:45.949,0:13:47.769 So stay tuned for more on that virtual

0:13:47.769,0:13:51.220 open house next month, May 13th.

0:13:51.220,0:13:52.220 Also of note,

0:13:52.220,0:13:53.670 June 10th there will be a public meeting

0:13:53.670,0:13:55.630 to discuss the results of the recent

0:13:55.630,0:13:57.180 environmental sampling at Camille

0:13:57.180,0:14:00.240 Day and the potential cleanup options.

0:14:00.240,0:14:02.040 It's important to note also that the public

0:14:02.040,0:14:04.600 comment period for the environmental

0:14:04.600,0:14:06.880 cleanup work will go through July 25th,

0:14:06.880,0:14:08.660 so please make sure you circle June

0:14:08.660,0:14:12.260 10th and July 25th for that public

0:14:12.260,0:14:13.839 session and those public comment

0:14:13.839,0:14:15.380 periods for the environmental.

0:14:15.380,0:14:16.670 Again,

0:14:16.670,0:14:17.880 I thank you for joining us.

0:14:17.880,0:14:19.430 I'm glad that you're here.

0:14:19.430,0:14:21.350 Glad we can hear from you Ben.

0:14:21.350,0:14:22.800 I'm turning it back to you so you can

0:14:22.800,0:14:27.770 guide us into the small group discussions.

0:14:27.770,0:14:33.200 Excellent, thank you so much Nigel.

0:14:33.200,0:14:36.600 OK, so as I mentioned earlier,

0:14:36.600,0:14:39.029 we will be breaking out in just a

0:14:39.029,0:14:41.731 minute or two into smaller groups that

0:14:41.731,0:14:43.810 will hopefully allow for thorough

0:14:43.810,0:14:45.959 participation and conversation

0:14:45.959,0:14:47.460 on some of the reasons why we're

0:14:47.460,0:14:48.900 here tonight and more importantly,

0:14:48.900,0:14:50.089 to get some feedback from all

0:14:50.089,0:14:52.079 of you on some of the specific

0:14:52.079,0:14:53.860 elements that Nigel mentioned and

0:14:53.860,0:14:55.500 some specific questions were going

0:14:55.500,0:14:56.790 to be asking you tonight.

0:14:56.790,0:14:59.779 Each group will have a dedicated facilitator,

0:14:59.779,0:15:02.730 a note taker, so there will be notes taken.

0:15:02.730,0:15:05.260 Those notes will be transcribed, will do the.

0:15:05.260,0:15:07.800 Very best we can to to sort of take

0:15:07.800,0:15:10.269 down what we hear from you, Ann.

0:15:10.269,0:15:12.820 And please if we if we struggle

0:15:12.820,0:15:14.720 with those notes you are more than

0:15:14.720,0:15:16.360 welcome to correct us and help us make

0:15:16.360,0:15:19.680 sure we get those notes correctly.

0:15:19.680,0:15:23.300 There will be an opportunity for feedback.

0:15:23.300,0:15:26.029 We've got some leading questions that

0:15:26.029,0:15:27.260 we're hoping to use this sort of the

0:15:27.260,0:15:29.180 framework to guide the conversation

0:15:29.180,0:15:32.460 once we get into those smaller groups.

0:15:32.460,0:15:34.490 Should have a little over an hour

0:15:34.490,0:15:36.420 to be able to work through those

0:15:36.420,0:15:39.300 and hopefully address any any things

0:15:39.300,0:15:41.570 that you might bring up tonight.

0:15:41.570,0:15:47.920 Why is it not working?

0:15:47.920,0:15:53.019 Forgive me. There so just just

0:15:53.019,0:15:54.980 a couple of other suggestions.

0:15:54.980,0:15:56.290 We do want to encourage maximum

0:15:56.290,0:15:58.329 participation and really provide a space

0:15:58.329,0:16:00.650 for for good comment and discussion,

0:16:00.650,0:16:02.690 so please be respectful of everyone in

0:16:02.690,0:16:04.760 your group and seek to allow everyone if

0:16:04.760,0:16:06.670 at all possible to participate equally

0:16:06.670,0:16:09.399 for those that want to participate.

0:16:09.399,0:16:10.820 One way we're hoping to navigate doing

0:16:10.820,0:16:12.889 this virtually is to use the raise your

0:16:12.889,0:16:14.830 hand feature that I'm going to show

0:16:14.830,0:16:16.389 you how to use here in just a second.

0:16:16.389,0:16:18.360 I know this is not ideal really.

0:16:18.360,0:16:19.730 I I get it,

0:16:19.730,0:16:20.950 but it will help us manage the

0:16:20.950,0:16:22.680 conversation to hopefully allow

0:16:22.680,0:16:23.991 lots of different people to make

0:16:23.991,0:16:26.040 different verbal comments in a very

0:16:26.040,0:16:28.180 limited time that we have together.

0:16:28.180,0:16:29.350 The other option is the chat

0:16:29.350,0:16:31.079 function which is currently disabled,

0:16:31.079,0:16:32.370 but it will be opened up here in

0:16:32.370,0:16:34.890 just a second where again you may not

0:16:34.890,0:16:36.780 feel comfortable speaking verbally.

0:16:36.780,0:16:39.700 You can just submit your comments via chat.

0:16:39.700,0:16:41.709 And we will keep track of the chats and

0:16:41.709,0:16:46.079 monitor those during the small group session.

0:16:46.079,0:16:50.430 The chat feature is shown here on the screen.

0:16:50.430,0:16:52.160 It's the the you know the little

0:16:52.160,0:16:53.649 icon that looks like a bubble

0:16:53.649,0:16:55.700 on the top, top, right up.

0:16:55.700,0:16:57.310 There you will click on that,

0:16:57.310,0:16:58.850 it'll open up the window at the bottom.

0:16:58.850,0:17:01.070 You can type in whatever you'd like to

0:17:01.070,0:17:05.900 type in and then enter your comment or

0:17:05.900,0:17:07.069 question or whatever and then hit the

0:17:07.069,0:17:09.319 little arrow which submits it and the

0:17:09.319,0:17:10.970 Park Service then will will monitor

0:17:10.970,0:17:12.900 what gets submitted in the chat.

0:17:12.900,0:17:15.230 So that's how you use the chat function.

0:17:15.230,0:17:17.380 And then the other option is the

0:17:17.380,0:17:19.530 raise your hand feature and I do

0:17:19.530,0:17:20.980 see that a couple of folks have

0:17:20.980,0:17:23.060 raised their hands already.

0:17:23.060,0:17:24.339 Unfortunately,

0:17:24.339,0:17:25.339 we're not going to be able to get

0:17:25.339,0:17:27.610 to those here in this large session,

0:17:27.610,0:17:29.200 but hopefully whatever

0:17:29.200,0:17:31.380 questions you might have,

0:17:31.380,0:17:32.780 you can bring up in your small

0:17:32.780,0:17:34.360 group and we can address whatever

0:17:34.360,0:17:36.200 you might have in that setting.

0:17:36.200,0:17:37.650 But just to walk through it,

0:17:37.650,0:17:39.470 you will click on the little icon

0:17:39.470,0:17:41.290 with the hand and the :) that

0:17:41.290,0:17:43.380 will drop down an option to click

0:17:43.380,0:17:44.520 on the hand that allows you to

0:17:44.520,0:17:46.270 raise your hand so that we can.

0:17:46.270,0:17:48.220 We can recognize you.

0:17:48.220,0:17:49.380 Then,

0:17:49.380,0:17:51.210 when you're done speaking,

0:17:51.210,0:17:52.240 you can actually click it again

0:17:52.240,0:17:53.580 and it will lower your hand.

0:17:53.580,0:17:56.669 So that's how you'll end up using that

0:17:56.669,0:18:01.090 particular aspect of of the of the session.

0:18:01.090,0:18:03.610 And the last thing I want to I want to

0:18:03.610,0:18:05.270 highlight that this is not the only

0:18:05.270,0:18:08.380 chance for for comments this evening.

0:18:08.380,0:18:09.630 These were going to take

0:18:09.630,0:18:11.230 verbal comments tonight,

0:18:11.230,0:18:13.110 but your thoughts are future will

0:18:13.110,0:18:16.820 be accepted in in different ways

0:18:16.820,0:18:18.270 and you can see on the slide for

0:18:18.270,0:18:19.780 those who've been on the phone

0:18:19.780,0:18:20.780 that can't see the slide.

0:18:20.780,0:18:23.480 I'm going to go ahead and read this to you.

0:18:23.480,0:18:25.000 There's a website that we've created as

0:18:25.000,0:18:28.600 a portal to provide input to us directly.

0:18:28.600,0:18:33.169 It's HTTPS colon slash slash.

0:18:33.169,0:18:38.850 Bay is one

0:18:38.850,0:18:40.900 word and I see some of you taking

0:18:40.900,0:18:43.370 pictures of this great nice job.

0:18:43.370,0:18:44.420 You're welcome to take a

0:18:44.420,0:18:46.520 picture of this slide,

0:18:46.520,0:18:47.860 but that's one way that allows

0:18:47.860,0:18:49.320 you to get to the platform to

0:18:49.320,0:18:52.030 provide your comments and writing.

0:18:52.030,0:18:54.860 You can also send an email to a

0:18:54.860,0:18:56.380 specific inbox that we've set up

0:18:56.380,0:19:00.760 in this email address is VIIS,

0:19:00.760,0:19:02.900 as in Sam underscore interpretation.

0:19:02.900,0:19:11.710 INTERPRETATION at the at symbol NPS

0:19:11.710,0:19:14.960 dot giovi. So you can send an email.

0:19:14.960,0:19:16.340 You can go to that website and that

0:19:16.340,0:19:17.410 will take you to the platform to

0:19:17.410,0:19:19.309 submit your comments in writing.

0:19:19.309,0:19:21.470 Or you can submit and submit them and

0:19:21.470,0:19:24.430 just snail Mail and write a comment

0:19:24.430,0:19:27.290 letter and send that directly to the

0:19:27.290,0:19:28.740 park at the local park address there

0:19:28.740,0:19:31.770 and Saint John so I won't read that out,

0:19:31.770,0:19:32.770 but hopefully most folks

0:19:32.770,0:19:34.390 know where the address is an.

0:19:34.390,0:19:37.250 And again, just as reminder.

0:19:37.250,0:19:38.950 They are all equal,

0:19:38.950,0:19:39.950 right?

0:19:39.950,0:19:40.950 There's there's no difference in

0:19:40.950,0:19:42.010 submitting your comments tonight,

0:19:42.010,0:19:43.790 and writing in fact,

0:19:43.790,0:19:46.520 what I would ask is if you have written

0:19:46.520,0:19:48.820 or prepared comments that you were

0:19:48.820,0:19:52.200 planning to share with us this evening.

0:19:52.200,0:19:53.500 Perhaps in the small group that will be the

0:19:53.500,0:19:55.930 place to dig in on some of those things,

0:19:55.930,0:19:58.110 but for our purposes it would be much

0:19:58.110,0:20:00.309 better to actually receive it in, right?

0:20:00.309,0:20:02.530 Being in total so that we're not we're

0:20:02.530,0:20:04.610 not transcribing in ways that that is an

0:20:04.610,0:20:07.010 exact in the ways that you're intending.

0:20:07.010,0:20:08.620 So if you do have prepared comments,

0:20:08.620,0:20:10.460 I would encourage folks to submit those

0:20:10.460,0:20:13.919 in writing as an addition to what we might

0:20:13.919,0:20:16.190 talk about here in our small groups.

0:20:16.190,0:20:19.159 OK, with that I will ask our overall

0:20:19.159,0:20:21.760 producer Sarah Hobson, say or shout out.

0:20:21.760,0:20:22.950 Thank you for everything.

0:20:22.950,0:20:23.950 I think we're ready to go into

0:20:23.950,0:20:24.980 our small groups.

0:20:24.980,0:20:28.260 We've got over 82 people here joining

0:20:28.260,0:20:31.050 us tonight so they may not be so small,

0:20:31.050,0:20:32.840 but Sarah is going to send us off and

0:20:32.840,0:20:35.270 hopefully we will do introductions.

0:20:35.270,0:20:37.730 An more conversations once we get to

0:20:37.730,0:20:40.120 our small groups. So send us away.

0:20:40.120,0:20:45.190 Sarah Hobson. Good luck.

0:20:45.190,0:20:51.210 These are the types of issues or

0:20:51.210,0:20:56.350 concerns or hopes or whatever that was.

0:20:56.350,0:20:58.820 As mentioned in the small groups that

0:20:58.820,0:21:00.990 the note takers are going to describe,

0:21:00.990,0:21:02.440 that and I'm going to go in the

0:21:02.440,0:21:04.160 order just so you can be prepared.

0:21:04.160,0:21:06.040 Alexa is going to go first,

0:21:06.040,0:21:08.730 then Jamie, then Alexis,

0:21:08.730,0:21:11.780 then Lori, and then Nico.

0:21:11.780,0:21:13.630 So without further ado,

0:21:13.630,0:21:16.830 Alexa Miles was the note taker from my group,

0:21:16.830,0:21:18.770 so Alexa has their camera on,

0:21:18.770,0:21:20.510 so Please note takers if you don't

0:21:20.510,0:21:21.770 mind turn on your camera is when you

0:21:21.770,0:21:26.090 come back and Alexa do you want to

0:21:26.090,0:21:29.120 share some observations from our group?

0:21:29.120,0:21:32.490 I can't hear you.

0:21:32.490,0:21:36.720 So now I hear you try again.

0:21:36.720,0:21:41.440 Cat, can you hear me now?

0:21:41.440,0:21:43.159 No. For some reason it

0:21:43.159,0:21:47.980 just went off. Try again.

0:21:47.980,0:21:51.400 Like I'm in a Verizon commercial.

0:21:51.400,0:21:54.419 OK, I think you can hear me now. Yes we can.

0:21:54.419,0:21:56.090 So we jumped around a little bit,

0:21:56.090,0:21:57.730 but I'm going to try and summarize

0:21:57.730,0:22:00.140 by each question here so the people

0:22:00.140,0:22:01.970 that were participants in our

0:22:01.970,0:22:04.900 group ranged from being indigenous.

0:22:04.900,0:22:06.610 Saint John IANS.

0:22:06.610,0:22:08.830 Coming from families pre Columbus

0:22:08.830,0:22:12.059 Times we had representatives of a

0:22:12.059,0:22:13.960 local congresswoman's office and

0:22:13.960,0:22:16.850 we also had visitors who were.

0:22:16.850,0:22:21.870 Frequented the island since the 60s and 70s,

0:22:21.870,0:22:24.420 I believe.

0:22:24.420,0:22:26.240 Regarding the ecological and

0:22:26.240,0:22:28.909 cultural features of Caneel Bay,

0:22:28.909,0:22:30.710 what was considered most

0:22:30.710,0:22:34.299 important in some of this is.

0:22:34.299,0:22:37.980 Deducted from the conversation is

0:22:37.980,0:22:41.960 obviously the physical features,

0:22:41.960,0:22:42.960 and I apologize.

0:22:42.960,0:22:44.220 There's a delay on my screen.

0:22:44.220,0:22:48.880 I need it to catch up with me.

0:22:48.880,0:22:50.210 The beautiful natural environment,

0:22:50.210,0:22:52.600 the beaches, the floor of the Fonda.

0:22:52.600,0:22:55.289 Also the archaeological ruins in the

0:22:55.289,0:22:57.750 historic structures, including that

0:22:57.750,0:23:04.080 of what the Kannil Bay Resort is.

0:23:04.080,0:23:06.240 And just the natural environment.

0:23:06.240,0:23:08.429 The fact that it is one of the

0:23:08.429,0:23:12.070 few flat places on the island.

0:23:12.070,0:23:15.539 Some of the biggest challenges historically

0:23:15.539,0:23:17.559 regarding the Bay and some more focus.

0:23:17.559,0:23:19.280 I'm going to merge these two is the biggest

0:23:19.280,0:23:22.400 opportunities to improve the operations.

0:23:22.400,0:23:24.090 The biggest concerns that we talked about

0:23:24.090,0:23:29.309 frequently worth the environmental hazards,

0:23:29.309,0:23:31.580 the pollution that has a curd.

0:23:31.580,0:23:33.730 The fact that that was not monitored more

0:23:33.730,0:23:36.450 closely in previous times and has not been

0:23:36.450,0:23:39.720 immediately addressed was a huge concern.

0:23:39.720,0:23:42.360 Another concern that was came up.

0:23:42.360,0:23:44.570 Several times was that this should

0:23:44.570,0:23:47.730 be not a project of restoration,

0:23:47.730,0:23:50.539 but transformation getting away from the

0:23:50.539,0:23:53.330 romanticization of the aftermath of slavery

0:23:53.330,0:23:55.620 and the continued colonial condition of

0:23:55.620,0:23:59.090 the area and looking towards rebuilding

0:23:59.090,0:24:00.840 and transforming into something that

0:24:00.840,0:24:05.960 better represents the history of the area,

0:24:05.960,0:24:10.340 the local contributions and incorporation of

0:24:10.340,0:24:14.450 the locals into the area and making this.

0:24:14.450,0:24:16.429 Better.

0:24:16.429,0:24:17.750 Excellent thank you Alexa.

0:24:17.750,0:24:20.740 I will I will say since Alexa

0:24:20.740,0:24:21.740 and I were in a group together,

0:24:21.740,0:24:24.130 I mean that was literally the thumbnail

0:24:24.130,0:24:25.799 of thumbnails of of the breadth of

0:24:25.799,0:24:27.279 the conversation that we got in.

0:24:27.279,0:24:28.910 So I want to make sure everybody

0:24:28.910,0:24:31.110 hears me say this.

0:24:31.110,0:24:32.980 All of those notes that work will be

0:24:32.980,0:24:37.400 compiled into a document that will be shared,

0:24:37.400,0:24:39.669 made available on the website as an

0:24:39.669,0:24:41.679 outgrowth of this public listening session,

0:24:41.679,0:24:43.260 and will be shared with the National

0:24:43.260,0:24:45.090 Park Service leadership as well as

0:24:45.090,0:24:46.440 the Department of the Interior.

0:24:46.440,0:24:48.980 So even if we're just getting this mission

0:24:48.980,0:24:51.070 of it here today in terms of the report out,

0:24:51.070,0:24:53.370 the notes themselves will very much

0:24:53.370,0:24:55.160 be part of that longer term record.

0:24:55.160,0:24:56.950 So thank you Alexa.

0:24:56.950,0:25:00.990 Who Jesse was next? Jamie right.

0:25:00.990,0:25:05.030 Yeah, yeah can you hear me?

0:25:05.030,0:25:09.910 OK yes OK Alright so we had a mixed group.

0:25:09.910,0:25:10.910 We had a professional scientist.

0:25:10.910,0:25:13.799 We had a cultural resource expert

0:25:13.799,0:25:16.710 and we had a sea turtle monitor,

0:25:16.710,0:25:18.320 long term visitors and long term

0:25:18.320,0:25:21.460 users of the area so we had it.

0:25:21.460,0:25:24.720 We had a good group of folks and really

0:25:24.720,0:25:27.010 the the preservation of the ecological

0:25:27.010,0:25:29.659 and cultural resources came out.

0:25:29.659,0:25:33.700 Loud and clear as as being, you know,

0:25:33.700,0:25:34.700 Paramount and the protection

0:25:34.700,0:25:37.080 of those resources.

0:25:37.080,0:25:38.120 We talked about the importance

0:25:38.120,0:25:39.600 of the historic district,

0:25:39.600,0:25:40.920 getting it listed.

0:25:40.920,0:25:42.450 I'm ensuring that those resources

0:25:42.450,0:25:43.570 are protected.

0:25:43.570,0:25:46.390 We talked about the importance of access

0:25:46.390,0:25:48.309 and that access should be a priority.

0:25:48.309,0:25:49.590 Along with,

0:25:49.590,0:25:50.880 you know,

0:25:50.880,0:25:54.370 reduction in development and I think

0:25:54.370,0:25:56.420 there was an overall understanding

0:25:56.420,0:25:58.630 from what we heard that you know

0:25:58.630,0:25:59.760 that there is an importance

0:25:59.760,0:26:02.930 regarding the economic impact.

0:26:02.930,0:26:06.770 You know of of a resort or whatever

0:26:06.770,0:26:11.240 you know the canal ends up being that

0:26:11.240,0:26:12.419 you know there was a recognition

0:26:12.419,0:26:13.470 of that importance,

0:26:13.470,0:26:15.650 but I think the overall thing that

0:26:15.650,0:26:17.409 came through is that you know the

0:26:17.409,0:26:19.620 protection of the resources as

0:26:19.620,0:26:21.610 paramount an it's paramount that

0:26:21.610,0:26:23.710 have access to those resources in

0:26:23.710,0:26:25.220 a reasonable way,

0:26:25.220,0:26:27.890 and balancing the protection

0:26:27.890,0:26:28.910 of those resources

0:26:28.910,0:26:29.910 with the access.

0:26:29.910,0:26:32.880 So we talked about the challenges.

0:26:32.880,0:26:35.720 A lot of the challenges after

0:26:35.720,0:26:37.650 hurricanes and you know and how

0:26:37.650,0:26:39.679 that did impact access for,

0:26:39.679,0:26:42.270 you know for residents and fix that

0:26:42.270,0:26:44.590 wanted to wanted to go to areas that

0:26:44.590,0:26:46.830 they've you know are historically

0:26:46.830,0:26:49.131 have been able to get to some of the

0:26:49.131,0:26:51.539 trails at Glenpointe Trail and an

0:26:51.539,0:26:55.600 changes in how the access is given

0:26:55.600,0:26:57.730 free access is turned into, you know,

0:26:57.730,0:27:00.340 paid access and and that sort of thing.

0:27:00.340,0:27:03.270 But I think the overall message is that.

0:27:03.270,0:27:06.380 You know it's important that no matter what

0:27:06.380,0:27:08.770 the National Park Service does with canal,

0:27:08.770,0:27:12.880 that those resources should be protected.

0:27:12.880,0:27:13.880 You know the residents should be

0:27:13.880,0:27:17.740 considered an respected and you know.

0:27:17.740,0:27:20.380 And if you know if it were to turn

0:27:20.380,0:27:22.820 to you know another concession

0:27:22.820,0:27:24.929 type situation or another.

0:27:24.929,0:27:28.380 You know another RUE or something

0:27:28.380,0:27:31.110 else that there's a consideration

0:27:31.110,0:27:33.420 of of what type of structures or

0:27:33.420,0:27:34.559 put in there that there.

0:27:34.559,0:27:36.710 You know that there's a consideration

0:27:36.710,0:27:39.850 of size and how much space they

0:27:39.850,0:27:42.110 take in and and that sort of thing.

0:27:42.110,0:27:43.840 So I think that's kind of the big summary,

0:27:43.840,0:27:44.840 unless I.

0:27:44.840,0:27:48.250 I missed anything,

0:27:48.250,0:27:50.030 Rachel.

0:27:50.030,0:27:53.830 OK. Thank you both. Thank you Rachel

0:27:53.830,0:27:55.669 and Jamie for your good work.

0:27:55.669,0:27:58.250 Alexis, you're next.

0:27:58.250,0:28:03.360 Thank you so much Ben with our group.

0:28:03.360,0:28:07.200 We we have a wide range of attendees.

0:28:07.200,0:28:09.400 We had not just residents but also

0:28:09.400,0:28:12.710 people have been there for since 1980s.

0:28:12.710,0:28:14.760 Was very common with our groups like over

0:28:14.760,0:28:17.970 30 years with one I should have wrote down.

0:28:17.970,0:28:19.270 He said this Bush actually retired

0:28:19.270,0:28:22.289 art educators and we have planners

0:28:22.289,0:28:24.970 as well as employees of.

0:28:24.970,0:28:26.049 Canal I'm sorry, I always pronounce it wrong,

0:28:26.049,0:28:30.370 and I do apologize so we just had it.

0:28:30.370,0:28:31.970 It was really good opportunity to

0:28:31.970,0:28:34.720 hear from different groups of what

0:28:34.720,0:28:38.890 exactly they their thoughts were.

0:28:38.890,0:28:41.710 As far as the.

0:28:41.710,0:28:45.470 Ecological and cultural features of.

0:28:45.470,0:28:50.560 Camille we there is due to the

0:28:50.560,0:28:55.590 history of not including the community

0:28:55.590,0:28:57.340 in the decision making process.

0:28:57.340,0:29:00.190 There was a concern that.

0:29:00.190,0:29:02.580 The existing archaeological

0:29:02.580,0:29:05.940 resources were not be preserved

0:29:05.940,0:29:08.670 and there's extensive tiano,

0:29:08.670,0:29:11.799 an enslaved people history,

0:29:11.799,0:29:14.240 and that needs to be reflected in

0:29:14.240,0:29:18.039 whatever future plans are happening on.

0:29:18.039,0:29:22.000 At the park as well as.

0:29:22.000,0:29:24.600 Making sure that the community is

0:29:24.600,0:29:26.270 involved in such making process.

0:29:26.270,0:29:27.800 I know I mentioned that is already,

0:29:27.800,0:29:29.380 let's see here.

0:29:29.380,0:29:33.240 As well as the the culture is not

0:29:33.240,0:29:35.770 just the people but also the native

0:29:35.770,0:29:38.140 flora and fauna and native food

0:29:38.140,0:29:39.350 resources and traditional uses

0:29:39.350,0:29:43.909 of natural resources need to be.

0:29:43.909,0:29:46.169 In the part of the process as well,

0:29:46.169,0:29:49.500 because it's not be truly being presented

0:29:49.500,0:29:51.230 when the site is currently being

0:29:51.230,0:29:55.340 used as a luxury high end experience.

0:29:55.340,0:29:57.580 That isolates.

0:29:57.580,0:29:59.020 Visitors from the culture of

0:29:59.020,0:30:00.410 the Virgin Islands as a whole,

0:30:00.410,0:30:01.820 as well as the community.

0:30:01.820,0:30:03.450 Let's see here.

0:30:03.450,0:30:06.039 Try and make sure I don't repeat

0:30:06.039,0:30:08.810 what has been said so far.

0:30:08.810,0:30:12.029 Again with the gated access point

0:30:12.029,0:30:14.279 as well as the fees.

0:30:14.279,0:30:17.620 It doesn't seem as the challenge that

0:30:17.620,0:30:20.630 the historic challenges have been.

0:30:20.630,0:30:22.780 It's not really inviting to the

0:30:22.780,0:30:24.980 community as well as.

0:30:24.980,0:30:28.460 It's just it doesn't seem that.

0:30:28.460,0:30:30.640 The residents are not able to

0:30:30.640,0:30:33.299 access the trail on the beaches,

0:30:33.299,0:30:35.830 so operations that need to be improved

0:30:35.830,0:30:37.399 just so the community can feel like

0:30:37.399,0:30:42.419 they are part of the process and not just.

0:30:42.419,0:30:44.120 Not just part of the process.

0:30:44.120,0:30:46.210 I'll see here.

0:30:46.210,0:30:48.179 There's been a link.

0:30:48.179,0:30:50.020 Influx of tourists and overcrowding

0:30:50.020,0:30:54.970 this past winter so that really needs it

0:30:54.970,0:30:57.090 shows that there needs to be improved.

0:30:57.090,0:30:58.809 Parking and transportation options

0:30:58.809,0:31:01.149 as well as.

0:31:01.149,0:31:03.990 Trash removal as Jamie mentioned as well.

0:31:03.990,0:31:05.549 You know we have to make sure that

0:31:05.549,0:31:07.630 the resources are being preserved

0:31:07.630,0:31:09.980 affectively and efficiently,

0:31:09.980,0:31:12.159 so that way it's not just for our generation,

0:31:12.159,0:31:15.429 but future generations.

0:31:15.429,0:31:16.480 And just you know,

0:31:16.480,0:31:17.929 the key thing that was coming up

0:31:17.929,0:31:19.789 was balancing the preservation

0:31:19.789,0:31:21.540 with modernization.

0:31:21.540,0:31:23.470 That was a real big takeaway.

0:31:23.470,0:31:25.510 The concern is that.

0:31:25.510,0:31:27.450 The communities that the community

0:31:27.450,0:31:28.860 feels that decision has already been

0:31:28.860,0:31:31.070 made and we just want to make sure

0:31:31.070,0:31:34.230 to reiterate that it hasn't been an just.

0:31:34.230,0:31:35.230 The whole point of this

0:31:35.230,0:31:36.340 listening session is so

0:31:36.340,0:31:39.650 that way the process can be.

0:31:39.650,0:31:41.409 Participatory and allow everyone to

0:31:41.409,0:31:47.210 be included. So thank you, Alexis.

0:31:47.210,0:31:50.640 Well, the next one on my list is Lori Lori.

0:31:50.640,0:31:52.990 Do you want to report out from your group?

0:31:52.990,0:31:56.060 Sure, so as of the other groups,

0:31:56.060,0:31:58.140 had we had broad group representation,

0:31:58.140,0:32:01.790 we had people we had journalists,

0:32:01.790,0:32:04.520 academics, congressional representatives,

0:32:04.520,0:32:05.830 longtime community members

0:32:05.830,0:32:07.620 of varying degrees.

0:32:07.620,0:32:09.600 But what was common was the the

0:32:09.600,0:32:11.659 passion and passion for place in each

0:32:11.659,0:32:13.360 and every voice that we heard. It was.

0:32:13.360,0:32:15.570 It was an interesting conversation.

0:32:15.570,0:32:18.330 Some of the same concerns have

0:32:18.330,0:32:19.830 been that have already been voiced.

0:32:19.830,0:32:22.059 Your concerns for the environmental

0:32:22.059,0:32:23.480 degradation that maybe has taken

0:32:23.480,0:32:25.330 place and how that's going to be

0:32:25.330,0:32:27.640 mitigated in a meaningful way.

0:32:27.640,0:32:29.610 The threat to the significant

0:32:29.610,0:32:31.269 artifacts that are there,

0:32:31.269,0:32:33.110 those deep history connections,

0:32:33.110,0:32:36.309 though, that the the potential loss of

0:32:36.309,0:32:39.470 that of the things are not preceded.

0:32:39.470,0:32:42.140 Don't proceed carefully.

0:32:42.140,0:32:43.140 It was mentioned that there's an

0:32:43.140,0:32:44.919 endangered species that's right

0:32:44.919,0:32:47.480 on the brink of extinction that

0:32:47.480,0:32:49.289 needs to be taken into account.

0:32:49.289,0:32:52.539 So there was a wide range of of

0:32:52.539,0:32:53.539 connections with people who are

0:32:53.539,0:32:55.730 remembering coming as family members

0:32:55.730,0:32:58.320 and with the grandmother and.

0:32:58.320,0:33:00.070 People who worked for the park or

0:33:00.070,0:33:03.400 the interior for years and just

0:33:03.400,0:33:05.169 really passionate about that one

0:33:05.169,0:33:07.450 thing I heard alot was the desire

0:33:07.450,0:33:09.860 for youth engagement and education,

0:33:09.860,0:33:10.860 making sure that the youth are

0:33:10.860,0:33:12.820 connected to their heritage on

0:33:12.820,0:33:14.860 that is honored in significant ways

0:33:14.860,0:33:17.860 and maybe guides the process.

0:33:17.860,0:33:20.640 And at Saint Joan IANS be a leading

0:33:20.640,0:33:22.929 part of whatever is taking place.

0:33:22.929,0:33:24.679 They're looking for environmental

0:33:24.679,0:33:26.730 justice and maybe breaking the mold.

0:33:26.730,0:33:30.049 Somebody brought up the idea of baby.

0:33:30.049,0:33:31.460 Building a museum rather than you know,

0:33:31.460,0:33:32.480 do we need a lodge?

0:33:32.480,0:33:34.440 Is that the best use for that property?

0:33:34.440,0:33:36.789 Can we find a different way to

0:33:36.789,0:33:38.970 use that property in a way that's

0:33:38.970,0:33:42.169 more meaningful and builds the

0:33:42.169,0:33:46.020 heritage and the youth of the area?

0:33:46.020,0:33:48.410 So absolutely great conversations and

0:33:48.410,0:33:51.440 very appreciative of the depth of

0:33:51.440,0:33:54.480 interest that people have expressed.

0:33:54.480,0:33:57.570 Excellent thank you Lori. That was great.

0:33:57.570,0:34:00.539 OK Nicole, you get to close this out.

0:34:00.539,0:34:02.110 You get the final word from your group.

0:34:02.110,0:34:05.200 Hi, good evening everyone.

0:34:05.200,0:34:06.200 Our group.

0:34:06.200,0:34:08.659 We had a range of very diverse individuals.

0:34:08.659,0:34:11.179 We had visitors who have stated

0:34:11.179,0:34:13.889 Camille Bay for over 25 years.

0:34:13.889,0:34:14.980 Experiencing the different management

0:34:14.980,0:34:17.290 and operations of the resort.

0:34:17.290,0:34:19.940 We had a volunteer at Island Green

0:34:19.940,0:34:22.480 Living a nonprofit organization.

0:34:22.480,0:34:24.040 We have another individual whose daughter

0:34:24.040,0:34:27.250 grew up in Turtle Town and other

0:34:27.250,0:34:30.139 visitors there have been visiting for over.

0:34:30.139,0:34:32.389 20-30 years and one who even got

0:34:32.389,0:34:34.020 married at Camille Baso very

0:34:34.020,0:34:36.649 close connections to the resort,

0:34:36.649,0:34:37.649 we had an attorney.

0:34:37.649,0:34:41.720 We had subject matter experts in our group.

0:34:41.720,0:34:42.770 A couple of the issues that were

0:34:42.770,0:34:44.919 mentioned were marine life that needs

0:34:44.919,0:34:47.820 to be preserved in managing toxic sunscreens,

0:34:47.820,0:34:51.639 an also preserving the ruins.

0:34:51.639,0:34:54.200 VI was one of the first locations

0:34:54.200,0:34:56.080 to ban the toxic sunscreen,

0:34:56.080,0:34:57.310 so it's just something to ensure

0:34:57.310,0:34:59.720 we're maintaining another was the

0:34:59.720,0:35:02.430 vegetation to ensure that we're

0:35:02.430,0:35:03.430 focusing on vegetation to

0:35:03.430,0:35:05.760 help with the erosion.

0:35:05.760,0:35:07.480 Also reimagining Canal Bay to

0:35:07.480,0:35:09.640 become a global player culturally,

0:35:09.640,0:35:11.220 academically and working with you.

0:35:11.220,0:35:14.270 The I School of Agriculture

0:35:14.270,0:35:16.390 for hospitality school.

0:35:16.390,0:35:18.780 Anna culinary so really incorporating

0:35:18.780,0:35:21.349 Canal Bay into the community.

0:35:21.349,0:35:24.890 Also, emulating a farm to table to

0:35:24.890,0:35:28.010 be run by the School of Agriculture.

0:35:28.010,0:35:30.060 We had a lot of preserving the

0:35:30.060,0:35:33.300 indigenous vegetation and structures.

0:35:33.300,0:35:35.420 Also the historical piece that it

0:35:35.420,0:35:39.109 was a battleground during the 1733

0:35:39.109,0:35:40.980 slave revolts and just preserving

0:35:40.980,0:35:42.870 that and making sure that that's

0:35:42.870,0:35:45.690 acknowledged in the resort.

0:35:45.690,0:35:48.030 A couple of challenges were giving

0:35:48.030,0:35:49.550 the employees opportunities to

0:35:49.550,0:35:53.740 succeed a living wage profit sharing.

0:35:53.740,0:35:56.650 Treating employees better wheelchair access,

0:35:56.650,0:35:58.570 ability to incorporate that into

0:35:58.570,0:36:01.310 the new build into the design

0:36:01.310,0:36:04.490 features of that resort.

0:36:04.490,0:36:07.730 Also to respect the ruins,

0:36:07.730,0:36:09.130 not to have it as a Disneyland

0:36:09.130,0:36:10.150 entertainment place,

0:36:10.150,0:36:11.570 but instead were enslaved.

0:36:11.570,0:36:13.960 People were treated cruelly and

0:36:13.960,0:36:16.260 ensuring that that is respected for

0:36:16.260,0:36:19.940 the ancestral natives on the island.

0:36:19.940,0:36:21.690 We also respect to having a detail

0:36:21.690,0:36:23.920 interpretation of the ruins so

0:36:23.920,0:36:24.960 that guests and visitors can

0:36:24.960,0:36:27.680 really appreciate understand what

0:36:27.680,0:36:30.540 what happened at the location.

0:36:30.540,0:36:34.310 Biggest opportunities would be equal resort.

0:36:34.310,0:36:36.829 Having a carbon neutral location,

0:36:36.829,0:36:38.510 possibly a solar collection site that

0:36:38.510,0:36:40.150 could be used to be distributed back

0:36:40.150,0:36:43.329 into the community off Grid Ecological

0:36:43.329,0:36:46.690 resort and Ecological Heritage Museum

0:36:46.690,0:36:48.310 and really incorporating volunteer

0:36:48.310,0:36:50.700 tourism where we could have wood makers,

0:36:50.700,0:36:52.099 glassblowers concessions just

0:36:52.099,0:36:54.910 to promote the local economy.

0:36:54.910,0:36:55.980 And involved careers.

0:36:55.980,0:36:57.339 An one of the examples was

0:36:57.339,0:36:59.750 having a beekeeper experience,

0:36:59.750,0:37:02.320 and maybe possibly using it as a shelter

0:37:02.320,0:37:05.810 of for the locals during hurricane season.

0:37:05.810,0:37:07.700 Working with FEMA.

0:37:07.700,0:37:09.670 Overall in ecological ultraluxury

0:37:09.670,0:37:11.550 reward that really helps

0:37:11.550,0:37:13.390 enhance the community as well.

0:37:13.390,0:37:14.690 And one of the issues that was

0:37:14.690,0:37:16.470 brought up about taxes that the

0:37:16.470,0:37:18.570 resort didn't pay taxes in that this

0:37:18.570,0:37:20.030 is an opportunity for the resorts,

0:37:20.030,0:37:21.520 pay taxes and contribute to local

0:37:21.520,0:37:27.490 economy here to arrange and really help.

0:37:27.490,0:37:28.839 Improve the National Park as a whole

0:37:28.839,0:37:30.880 so we had a diverse group and a lot

0:37:30.880,0:37:34.280 of information shared in that group.

0:37:34.280,0:37:37.600 Niko, you guys killed it.

0:37:37.600,0:37:40.080 The boy covered alike, repealed it.

0:37:40.080,0:37:41.240 Thank you.

0:37:41.240,0:37:43.170 Yeah, I mean all the groups really.

0:37:43.170,0:37:47.000 I mean the the breadth and depth of

0:37:47.000,0:37:48.230 the things that everybody brought

0:37:48.230,0:37:50.820 up and the subject matter and the

0:37:50.820,0:37:55.750 specificity is fantastic really.

0:37:55.750,0:37:57.560 And so I'm going to.

0:37:57.560,0:37:58.560 I'm going to turn it over.

0:37:58.560,0:38:00.839 I'm showing you know, we're thank.

0:38:00.839,0:38:02.600 You were right on time and I thank you

0:38:02.600,0:38:06.170 all for for for for being respectful of that.

0:38:06.170,0:38:07.430 And hopefully the technology is

0:38:07.430,0:38:09.089 going to stick with us to the end

0:38:09.089,0:38:10.730 to make this all work out but.

0:38:10.730,0:38:12.940 I am going to turn it over to Nigel

0:38:12.940,0:38:15.800 and let him share his observations

0:38:15.800,0:38:16.950 and some of the reflections of the

0:38:16.950,0:38:19.250 things that he heard and perhaps

0:38:19.250,0:38:20.752 even he bounced around to some

0:38:20.752,0:38:23.320 groups and nitriles also going

0:38:23.320,0:38:24.390 to talk about next steps.

0:38:24.390,0:38:26.540 So this is the last chance I will get to

0:38:26.540,0:38:29.760 say anything so I will say for my part,

0:38:29.760,0:38:31.520 thank you so much for for this

0:38:31.520,0:38:33.740 evening and again I'm just so so

0:38:33.740,0:38:36.520 impressed with the breadth of of the

0:38:36.520,0:38:38.330 conversation and the things that

0:38:38.330,0:38:39.700 were discussed in all these groups.

0:38:39.700,0:38:42.960 The report outs are just fantastic so.

0:38:42.960,0:38:45.750 Thank you for for joining us tonight and

0:38:45.750,0:38:47.690 I will turn it over to Nigel and Nigel.

0:38:47.690,0:38:50.109 I will go to the next slide.

0:38:50.109,0:38:54.560 Thank you, thank you Ben and 1st,

0:38:54.560,0:38:56.210 I want to thank everybody for your

0:38:56.210,0:38:58.579 contributions and also just acknowledge

0:38:58.579,0:39:02.099 that we are aware that this format

0:39:02.099,0:39:04.740 leaves out a lot of people even with

0:39:04.740,0:39:07.230 100 or so folks that joined us today.

0:39:07.230,0:39:08.890 Even with that incredible breath of folks

0:39:08.890,0:39:11.109 that are generational Saint Joan again,

0:39:11.109,0:39:12.950 so were able to join us.

0:39:12.950,0:39:14.980 Those who are third and 4th

0:39:14.980,0:39:17.480 generation visitors to Camille,

0:39:17.480,0:39:19.089 the range of people that have different

0:39:19.089,0:39:21.170 expertise that are here with us tonight.

0:39:21.170,0:39:22.500 So glad you're here, but.

0:39:22.500,0:39:23.500 We acknowledge,

0:39:23.500,0:39:25.140 we know that it doesn't capture all the

0:39:25.140,0:39:27.390 people who may want it to participate,

0:39:27.390,0:39:28.580 but I'm glad that you're able to join

0:39:28.580,0:39:30.710 is glad you're able to find a way to get

0:39:30.710,0:39:33.089 on the technology to make use of it.

0:39:33.089,0:39:34.089 And we're going to continue to

0:39:34.089,0:39:36.589 find ways to engage the public so

0:39:36.589,0:39:37.800 so just want to take knowledge,

0:39:37.800,0:39:39.080 that and say thank you for finding

0:39:39.080,0:39:40.080 a way to join.

0:39:40.080,0:39:41.080 And we're going to try to make sure

0:39:41.080,0:39:42.080 people who weren't able to be here

0:39:42.080,0:39:43.670 tonight still know how they can

0:39:43.670,0:39:45.859 contribute their thoughts during this

0:39:45.859,0:39:49.150 open period between now and May 7.

0:39:49.150,0:39:50.920 Just want to reflect back to you know,

0:39:50.920,0:39:52.670 hearing about the.

0:39:52.670,0:39:54.580 Emphasis that I heard on a couple of

0:39:54.580,0:39:55.840 the groups that I was bouncing around

0:39:55.840,0:39:57.340 in on preserving some of the historic

0:39:57.340,0:39:58.680 structures and making sure that the

0:39:58.680,0:40:00.310 preservation and the development is

0:40:00.310,0:40:03.119 tide to the significance of those

0:40:03.119,0:40:05.390 structures being able to make sure

0:40:05.390,0:40:07.099 that the archaeological resources that

0:40:07.099,0:40:09.109 tie back to those errors of Taino and

0:40:09.109,0:40:10.610 colonial peoples in post colonial

0:40:10.610,0:40:14.260 periods is preserved in this showcased.

0:40:14.260,0:40:15.820 I was encouraged to hear about the

0:40:15.820,0:40:18.590 youth engagement and the range of

0:40:18.590,0:40:21.280 ideas around education and access

0:40:21.280,0:40:22.750 interpretive programming that

0:40:22.750,0:40:24.490 also provides access.

0:40:24.490,0:40:25.490 On purpose,

0:40:25.490,0:40:27.900 by design and some language

0:40:27.900,0:40:28.900 that I heard about,

0:40:28.900,0:40:30.579 the ecological and cultural resources

0:40:30.579,0:40:33.859 being paramount in irreplaceable about

0:40:33.859,0:40:36.780 the unbelievable scenery there on land

0:40:36.780,0:40:38.760 and the underwater scene at Camille.

0:40:38.760,0:40:40.740 That's so special and unique that

0:40:40.740,0:40:42.060 needs to be protected and preserved

0:40:42.060,0:40:43.550 and people to have access to

0:40:43.550,0:40:46.570 that amazing underwater scenes.

0:40:46.570,0:40:47.599 Hearing the concerns about.

0:40:47.599,0:40:49.359 Environmental hazards in pollution

0:40:49.359,0:40:51.060 and thinking about ways to prevent

0:40:51.060,0:40:53.119 those in the future with our

0:40:53.119,0:40:55.560 operations and improving operations

0:40:55.560,0:40:58.079 in such a way that there is ability

0:40:58.079,0:40:59.280 for the community to have long

0:40:59.280,0:41:01.369 term engagement with the space.

0:41:01.369,0:41:03.210 So those are some of the things that I heard,

0:41:03.210,0:41:05.740 I think that I really well with

0:41:05.740,0:41:07.390 some of the Secretary's priorities,

0:41:07.390,0:41:08.730 especially when it comes to issues

0:41:08.730,0:41:11.120 around equity and environmental justice.

0:41:11.120,0:41:12.180 Clearly,

0:41:12.180,0:41:13.480 as I mentioned,

0:41:13.480,0:41:15.359 our goal over the next several weeks as we

0:41:15.359,0:41:17.740 compiled information that we get tonight.

0:41:17.740,0:41:19.210 As well as that that comes in

0:41:19.210,0:41:20.940 through the other sources,

0:41:20.940,0:41:23.140 email the website we want to share

0:41:23.140,0:41:25.290 these widely with our our colleagues

0:41:25.290,0:41:26.579 within the Park Service who are

0:41:26.579,0:41:28.500 focused on Camille so that we can

0:41:28.500,0:41:29.770 make sure that we're being very

0:41:29.770,0:41:32.579 mindful of the the ways in which we

0:41:32.579,0:41:34.880 can improve the operations.

0:41:34.880,0:41:36.390 Think about the development away

0:41:36.390,0:41:38.700 that's going to bring better harmony.

0:41:38.700,0:41:39.970 That's another term that I heard the

0:41:39.970,0:41:43.390 harmony between the ecology and the humans.

0:41:43.390,0:41:45.670 The harmony between the guests,

0:41:45.670,0:41:46.890 the visitors and those

0:41:46.890,0:41:50.050 who live on Saint John.

0:41:50.050,0:41:51.310 Next line, please done.

0:41:51.310,0:42:01.109 Think I just have a couple reminders here.

0:42:01.109,0:42:04.180 Then are you able to advance the next slide?

0:42:04.180,0:42:09.359 I I think I did, is it not showing up?

0:42:09.359,0:42:10.359 I see it now.

0:42:10.359,0:42:12.210 I'm sorry, I apologize. Here we go.

0:42:12.210,0:42:13.960 So I guess just a reminder of the

0:42:13.960,0:42:16.290 teaching that is held on on Saturday.

0:42:16.290,0:42:18.540 They can be viewed by W.

0:42:18.540,0:42:20.589 TJX, the Virgin Islands National

0:42:20.589,0:42:21.950 Park virtual open house,

0:42:21.950,0:42:24.020 that will include leadership from Saint

0:42:24.020,0:42:26.010 Croix and Saint John on your national

0:42:26.010,0:42:28.599 parks in the Virgin Islands on May 13th,

0:42:28.599,0:42:30.270 and importantly that June 10th public

0:42:30.270,0:42:32.030 meeting on the environmental work,

0:42:32.030,0:42:34.440 the engineering evaluation and cost analysis.

0:42:34.440,0:42:35.990 We're going to look at what

0:42:35.990,0:42:37.540 options we have for clean up,

0:42:37.540,0:42:39.240 how much it might cost,

0:42:39.240,0:42:41.079 what makes sense for us to do,

0:42:41.079,0:42:42.581 and that public comment period

0:42:42.581,0:42:44.800 will close on July 25th.

0:42:44.800,0:42:45.800 That public meeting.

0:42:45.800,0:42:46.800 So please make sure you marking

0:42:46.800,0:42:49.230 those dates and here we go.

0:42:49.230,0:42:51.170 This is how you can continue to

0:42:51.170,0:42:52.750 provide your public comments.

0:42:52.750,0:42:53.990 I think we heard some folks that had

0:42:53.990,0:42:56.550 very detailed very organized thoughts.

0:42:56.550,0:42:57.570 That's great.

0:42:57.570,0:43:00.050 Please make sure if you'd like to submit

0:43:00.050,0:43:03.480 your full set of things through the the

0:43:03.480,0:43:06.890 HTTPS slash slash Bay.

0:43:06.890,0:43:10.590 I'm reading it out 'cause we have

0:43:10.590,0:43:13.300 people that are on the phone as well.

0:43:13.300,0:43:14.670 You can also send it to.

0:43:14.670,0:43:17.329 An email to DIIS underscore

0:43:17.329,0:43:19.550 interpretation at NPS Dot giovi.

0:43:19.550,0:43:23.190 You can always send your comments by Mail

0:43:23.190,0:43:25.140 to us at Virgin Islands National Park.

0:43:25.140,0:43:27.369 Attention can be Obey Redevelopment 1300,

0:43:27.369,0:43:29.420 Cruz, Bay Creek, St.

0:43:29.420,0:43:34.550 John VI 00830.

0:43:34.550,0:43:37.380 We thank you for your contributions today.

0:43:37.380,0:43:41.080 It is deeply appreciated and please be safe.

0:43:41.080,0:43:42.330 Continue to be safe,

0:43:42.330,0:43:44.450 continue to take care of yourselves and your

0:43:44.450,0:43:47.390 families and as restrictions get lifted.

0:43:47.390,0:43:48.760 We're hoping that we can find other

0:43:48.760,0:43:50.430 ways for us to communicate and

0:43:50.430,0:43:51.869 to engage and be in the presence

0:43:51.869,0:43:53.319 of one another as we have these

0:43:53.319,0:43:54.839 critical conversations and I wish

0:43:54.839,0:43:56.810 everybody a good evening.

0:43:56.810,0:43:57.810 Thank you.

0:43:57.810,0:43:59.180 Good evening.

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Pre and Post breakout room recorded sessions for the Caneel Bay Redevelopment Listening Session April 8, 2021.

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