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The Vicksburg Trails Commission and Vicksburg National Military Park offer Scout groups and interested hikers the opportunity to explore the park's resources using three different hiking trails. Two hikes, the 7-mile Trek and 14-mile Trail, follow the park's paved tour road, and include the Surrender Interview Site, Great Redoubt, 2d Texas Lunette, Railroad Redoubt, Stockade Redan, National Cemetery, and USS Cairo Gunboat exhibit and museum.

The Al Scheller Hiking Trail follows a more physically demanding route through the interior sections of the park, and gives the hiker an excellent perception of the obstacles and difficult terrain faced by the soldiers during the siege of Vicksburg.

Please Note: When using the hiking trails located in Vicksburg National Military Park:
- Any activities not authorized by park staff is strictly prohibited. This includes trail marking and maintenance.
- All groups and or individuals wishing to perform trail maintenance, including re-blazing of trees, MUST contact the park and coordinate their activities with staff to ensure adherence to park policies and regulations.
Al Scheller Hiking Trail. Left: Summer 2009 before trail work. Right: October 2009 after maintenance and upgrade by AmeriCorps team.
Al Scheller Hiking Trail. Left: Summer 2009 before trail work. Right: October 2009 after maintenance and upgrade by AmeriCorps team.

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Al Scheller Primitive Hiking Trail

The Al Scheller Primitive Hiking trail was originally established in 1979-1980, for the purpose of training Boy Scouts in the use of compasses and orienteering methods, while also learning the history of the park and its terrain as they trekked through the woods. Although segments of the trail have always remained accessible to hikers, its condition over the years steadily worsened to a point of virtual impassibility in many areas. Now, with the help of AmeriCorps, VNMP is again able to provide complete access to those wishing to experience the unique landscape of the park by hiking its high ridgetops , stream courses, and steep ravines. Even though maintenance of this hiking trail is under the supervision of park staff, the labor is performed entirely through volunteer efforts, and the park hopes to continue these successful partnerships to maintain this significant resource.

AmeriCorps Delta 1 Team - Front: Coty Brennan, Cameron Ting Kang. Middle: Theo Williams, Tracy Lorimor, Courtni Brule.  Back: Cayde Sprecker (team leader), Alex Rettig, Lois Glenn. Not Pictured: Aaron Albert

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After over 4 years of inclement weather, including tornadic winds and heavy rains, the trail has again been extensively cleared and marked by the AmeriCorps 'Delta 1' team, completing the work in April 2014. This effort allows Vicksburg National Military Park to maintain public access to this challenging trek through its terrain and history.

For more in-depth information is available at the visitor center desk. Be sure to ask for a Vicksburg Trails Orientaton Booklet, and learn about the awards to can earn through our partner, the Vicksburg Trails Commission.

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