Interpretive Themes

The USS Arizona Memorial at night.

The following interpretive themes have been identified for the Pearl Harbor National Memorial:

  • The diverse and complex impacts of World War II on the people of the Pacific shaped and transformed ways of life.
  • The memorials constitute places of remembrance and contemplation of the nature of war and the sacrifices of those who lost their lives during the Pacific War.
  • The devastating surprise attack on Oahu compelled the United States into an unprecedented world conflict no one was quite ready for, galvanizing all sides for a long, cruel war.
  • The war in the Pacific challenged the resolve, ingenuity, and moral compass of every citizen and soldier. The events deeply changed the world socially, geopolitically, environmentally, and militarily.
  • Emerging from the destruction of the war, the world is still struggling to find new meanings of trust, respect, and peace for the future.

Last updated: April 15, 2019

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