Everett Hyland

Everett Hyland
A proud Navy tradition. Everett Hyland as a young sailor (left) and Everett today (top). In 1996, Everett positions his granddaughter’s officer cover during her graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy (bottom).

Top photo courtesy of Mr. John Baer, © Oahu Island News

Former Radioman Third Class, United States Navy

Everett Hyland was born on March 17, 1923, in Stamford, Connecticut. He enlisted for naval service in November of 1940. After boot camp while awaiting trade school, he lived aboard the original USS Constellationin Newport, Rhode Island where he achieved “sea ditty” on the historic ship. Later, he went through radioman’s school in San Diego, California.

On December 7, 1941, Everett was serving aboard the USS Pennsylvania(BB-38) as a seaman. The “Pennsy”, as the ship was nicknamed, was in Dry Dock # 1 on that morning.

During battle stations, his duty was being part of the antenna repair squad which put him top side during the attack. His point of assembly was near the clipping room. There was no need for radio communication as they knew they were under attack. So they fell into line carrying ammunition out to the 3-inch anti-aircraft gun.

He was severely wounded when a Japanese bomb exploded near his battle station. Everett was so badly wounded that he was almost given up for dead. He did not recognize his surroundings until Christmas of 1941.

After 9 months of rehabilitation from his wounds, he returned to sea. He served aboard the USS Memphis(CL-13) and later at the Naval Air Station, Charleston, South Carolina.

Everett Hyland
RM3c Everett Hyland receives a Purple Heart Medal for the injuries he received on December 7, 1941.

Everett was discharged from the Navy as a Radioman 3rd Class in November 1945. During his military service, he earned seven campaign ribbons including the Purple Heart. Among the collection are all three area combat ribbons for involvement in the Asia-Pacific, the Atlantic and the European theaters.

Everett Hyland eventually retired as a science teacher. The staff of the USS Arizona Memorial is very pleased to have Everett as a National Park Service volunteer since 1995. He has been a crucial element in interpreting the story behind the Pearl Harbor attack to thousands of visitors. He is proud of his granddaughter, Anna Maria Saenz, who as her grandfather, became a member of the United States Navy following her graduation from the United States Navy Academy in 1996.

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