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The following are resources for regularly scheduled Valley Forge VIPs (volunteers-in-parks). These documents and reports will increase your knowledge and help you be better stewards of the park. If you are not a volunteer, feel free to take a look and see what it is like to be one! This is just part of the tools and training park volunteers have access to. To volunteer visit and search for Valley Forge National Historical Park.


The following is a list of suggested books to read to familiarize yourself with the Valley Forge Encampment and the history of the National Park Service.

Suggested readings for all volunteers:

Other readings:

The American Revolution
  • The Narrative of a Revolutionary Solider by Joseph Plumb Martin
  • The American Revolution by Gordon Wood
  • Patriot Battles: How the War of Independence Was Fought by Michael Stephenson
  • The Philadelphia Campaign: Brandywine and the Fall of Philadelphia by Thomas McGuire
  • The Philadelphia Campaign: Germantown and the Roads to Valley Forge by Thomas McGuire
  • Washington’s Crossing by David Hackett Fischer
  • Paul Revere’s Ride by David Hackett Fischer
  • An Imperfect God by Henry Wiencek
  • Founding Myths by Ray Raphael
  • The Glorious Cause by Robert Middlekauff
  • John Adams by David McCullough
  • A History of the American Revolution by John R. Alden
Valley Forge National Historical Park
  • The Drillmaster of Valley Forge by Paul Lockhart
  • Epic on the Schuykill by John B. Trussel
  • The Valley Forge Winter by Wayne Bodle
  • The History of Valley Forge by Henry Woodman
  • The Valley Forge Guide by William Herbert Burk
  • The Philadelphia Campaign 1777-1778 by Stephen R. Taaffe
National Park Service and Historical Interpretation
  • Interpreting Our Heritage by Freeman Tilden
  • National Park Ranger: An American Icon by Charles R. Farabee Jr.
  • Interpretation for the 21st Century by Larry Beck and Ted Cable
George Washington's Leadership - Free digital books through Mount Vernon
  • Leading Change: George Washington and Establishing the Presidency
  • Strategic Leadership: George Washington as President of the United States
  • Leading with Character: George Washington and the Newburgh Conspiracy
  • George Washington's Lessons in Ethical Leadership
Natural Resources of Valley Forge Facilitated Dialogue


Suggested videos for all volunteers:

Other videos:

Cultural Resources


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