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Having unleashed pets is prohibited everywhere in the park. Visitors are also required to clean up after their pets and dispose of waste in provided trash bins.

Hot Weather Endangers Dogs!

No dog owner would knowingly endanger their pet, but sometimes we don’t recognize all the dangers. With the onset of high heat, some dogs needlessly suffer.

High temperatures and lack of hydration can quickly harm or even kill your dog.

§ Never leave an animal in a closed car in the summer, even for a few minutes.

§ When walking or running with your dog in the summer, always make sure you carry water and a container it can use, and offer it to the pet frequently.

§ If your dog wants to slow down or stop, it may be overheated—stop and give it a break.

A condition called Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) affects Labrador Retrievers and some other breeds, and can be worsened by the effects of hot weather. Dogs may begin exercising as normal, but when highly excited or subjected to strenuous exercise and/or heat, they will begin to show signs of disorientation and weakness, and may then collapse.

Owners can avoid EIC by reducing exercise routines or lowering the level of difficulty. Keep the dog hydrated, allow breaks, and use common sense on hot days.

Last updated: August 10, 2019

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