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Open your camera app and point your smartphone at the QR code above to dial the Cell Phone Guide and save the phone number in your contacts.

Valley Forge is home to many compelling stories. While some of these stories take place on the grand scale of a nation struggling to gain its independence, others reflect the mundanity of every day survival in a dirty and disease-ridden camp.

You can hear many of these — stories behind the people, landscapes, historic buildings, monuments, and statues you see at the park — by pulling out your phone and dialing in to the Cell Phone Guide to hear a ranger or other expert speak. While this system might seem a bit dated, the information will deepen any experience at Valley Forge National Historical Park!

How to Access the Guide

  1. Scan the QR code or dial 484-396-1018.
    También disponible en español en 484-396-1015.

  2. Enter the prompt number you wish to hear from the list below, followed by "#" (This includes prompts 1-9)


To hear general information about Washington’s Headquarters, first call the Cell Phone Guide, then enter “5#.” If you want to hear another story from the area, such as The Story of Hannah Till, enter the prompt number followed by “#,” in this case “55#.”

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The Encampment Tour stop numbers are also the main prompt numbers on the Cell Phone Guide. Dial 484-396-1018, enter the number of the tour stop you are visiting, and press "#"

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Prompt Numbers and Subjects

The prompt numbers are organized according to the nine Encampment Tour stop locations.

1. Visitor Center

11. The Museum Collections

12. Park Archives & Library

13. The Encampment Store

14. The Valley Forge Park Alliance (formerly called Friends of Valley Forge Park)

15. Volunteers in Parks (VIPs)

2. Muhlenberg's Brigade

21. Oneida Indian Nation

22. Topography & Industry

23. Bake Ovens

24. Redoubt 2

3. National Memorial Arch

31. The Pennsylvania Columns

32. Women in the Revolution

33. Yellow Springs Hospital

34. George Washington's Visit to Yellow Springs

4. General Wayne Statue

41. Pennsylvania Regiments

42. Forests of the Past and Present

43. Mount Joy Trails

5. Washington's Headquarters

51. The Village of Valley Forge

52. Martha Washington

53. Washington's Aides de Camp

54. Water Resources: Valley Creek

55. The Story of Hannah Till, George Washington's Enslaved Cook

6. Redoubt 3

61. The Inner Line of Defense

62. The New Jersey Monument

63. Wildlife at Valley Forge

7. Artillery Park

71. Henry Knox

72. Park Meadows

73. Quartering During the Encampment

8.Varnum's Quarters

81. General von Steuben

82. Soldiers on the Grand Parade

83. Geology & Paleontology

9. Patriots of African Descent and the Washington Memorial Chapel

91. Details of the Chapel

92. Enlistment of Enslaved People

93. Patriots of African Descent Monument

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The Cell Phone Guide is made available by the Valley Forge Park Alliance in partnership with PECO. Learn more at

Last updated: May 22, 2023

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