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In February 2007, Valley Forge National Historical Park announced the creation of the PECO Podcast Through History. The PECO grant was used to create a 10 episode series of podcasts highlighting the history of Valley Forge and the important strides that were made here by the Continental Army during the winter of 1777-1778.

The full podcast series is available on YouTube.

Episode 1: Why Valley Forge?
Why Valley Forge? quickly tells the story of the first three years of the Revolutionary War. This podcast uses a combination of Google Earth, Park Rangers, and actors to tell the story in a new way.

Episode 2: Common Problems of the Army
Meet Private Joseph Plumb Martin and hear about some of the issues the army is struggling with. Episode 2 highlights the issues that General Washington, his officers, and Congress will need to solve during the winter if the war is to be successful. This episode is based upon the the memoirs of Private Martin who served 8 years in the Revolutionary War. His memoirs are published in a book entitled Private Yankee Doodle.

Episode 3: Hut Construction
Episode 3 focuses on the early days of the encampment and the effort to build huts for the army to stay in. These huts housed more than just soldiers. Download this episode to hear how the army kept themselves warm during the winter of 1777-1778.

Episode 4: Life in Camp
In Episode 4, viewers will meet an officer of General Washington's staff, an enlisted soldier, and a camp follower. Hear about some of the things the officers, enlisted men, and camp followers did each day. Learn how life in camp was different depending on what position a person held in the army.

Episode 5: February 1778
It is now mid February, and some of officers are still unhappy with the situation at Valley Forge. Hear what one of the officers has to say about the Valley Forge area and how General Washington is trying to correct the issues of supply for the Continental Army.

Episode 6: General Washington's Birthday
While General and Mrs. Washington celebrate the General's 46th birthday, they discuss the suffering of the soldiers and improvements that are being made. Meanwhile, one soldier is having difficulty collecting supplies from a local citizen who may or may not support the revolution.

Episode 7: General Von Steuben
General von Steuben arrives to meet General Washington. Soon after, General von Steuben begins his efforts to ensure the army has standardized training.

Episode 8: French Alliance
General Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette discuss the importance of support from France. The Generals soon learn the efforts of Benjamin Franklin have paid off and France has joined the United States in their fight against the British.

Episode 9: General Washington
General Washington tours the encampment remembering the harsh conditions of the winter of 1777-1778. The General visits some cabins, the Grand Parade Grounds, and Artillery Park before departing Valley Forge and the continuing the war effort.

Episode 10: A Long Journey
The soldiers are leaving Valley Forge six months after their arrival. The hosts of the series finish with a quick recap of the history of the American Revolution and give viewers a quick tour of Valley Forge today.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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