The People of the Encampment

On December 19, 1777, when Washington's army marched into camp at Valley Forge, tired, cold, and ill-equipped, it was lacking in much of the training essential for consistent success on the battlefield. On June 19, 1778, after a six-month encampment, this same army emerged to pursue and successfully engage Lt. Gen. Sir Henry Clinton's British army at the Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey. The ordered ranks, martial appearance, revived spirit, and fighting skill of the American soldiers spoke of a great transformation having occurred amidst the cold, sickness, and hardship that was Valley Forge.
General George Washington contemplates outdoors.
General George Washington

The legendary General of the Continental Army!

Group of 18th century men standing in a field during an overcast day.
Washington's Generals

General Washington had many Generals that filled various roles at the encampment at Valley Forge.

Young Continental Army officer sitting behind field desk.
Washington's Aides-de-camp

The young officers that assisted Gen. Washington during Valley Forge.

Continental soldiers shoulder to shoulder hold musket against left side of body.
Lesser known members of the Army

List of lesser known members of the Continental Army

A woman in a blue gown stands in front of a soldier.
Women at Valley Forge

Women played an important role at Valley Forge.

Black enlisted soldier speaking with visitors
Patriots of Color at Valley Forge

Many soldiers of African and/or American Indian heritage served at Valley Forge.

Oneida warrior wearing blue traditional garb with drum in hand.
American Indian Allies at Valley Forge

American Indian Allies played an important role during the Valley Forge encampment.

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