Hilltop Living

Water flows under and through this landscape, feeding the growth of people and towns. The Verde Valley is watered by snowmelt, summer monsoons, and springs that well up from the ancient sedimentary rocks. In the heart of the valley, a thousand years ago, people began to build a little hilltop pueblo that would grow into one of the largest villages in the area.

a small brown bird with a black and white cap perched in a bush

Desert Wildlife

Hot, dry, and incredibly diverse! The southwestern deserts are wildly biodiverse ecosystems

Sinagua pot

Explore the Museum

Learn about artifacts found on-site to catch a glimpse of life in ancient Arizona

a grassy trail with brown reeds on the left and shrubby trees on the right

Landscape & Ecosystems

Tuzigoot was built on a ridge above the river, providing access to a diversity of ecosystems

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