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Ice Age Teacher Resources

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Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Teacher Resources

Kindergarten through 2nd Grades

What’s for Dinner? Students will observe the shapes of animals’ teeth to determine whether they are carnivores or herbivores

Fossil Finders Students will identify observable characteristics of fossil animals and plants.

I am Not a Dinosaur Students will learn differences between dinosaurs and Ice Age animals.

Mammoth Lover's Leap-Color By Number Students will complete a color by numbers.

Ice Age Syllables Students will practice syllables with ice age animals.


Tule Springs Teacher Resources for Grades 3-5

3rd through 5th Grades

Ice Age Investigation Students will understand that fossils from Tule Springs teach us about life in Las Vegas during the Ice Age and that many Ice Age animals are similar to animals that live today.

Pleistocene Food Chain Students will learn the differences between herbivores and carnivores.

Measuring Mammoths Students will find the perimeter and area of different Ice Age animals.

Columbian Mammoths - Giants of the Ice Age Reading comprehension exercise

Fossil Evidence Lessons-Bone up on Fossils A complete week's lessons on fossils


Tule Springs Teacher Resources for 6-8 Grade

6th through 8th Grades

Comparing Cousins Students will read and compare differences between mammoths and mastadons.

Charting Chompers Students will chart the different characteristics of Ice Age animals.

Meals for Mammoths Students will use factor label equations to figure out mammoth calorie intake.

Decoding Names Students will use this root word activity to make up their own Ice Age animal.


Tule Springs Teacher Resources for 9-12 Grade

9th through 12th Grades

Taphonomy Lab Students will be immersed in a 1-4 week exploration of how an animal becomes a fossil.

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