Timucuan Preserve Ornament

Suzanne Pickett's ornament representing the Timucuan Preserve and Kingsley Plantation

White House

Suzanne Pickett (pictured above on left) designed and painted an ornament to represent the Timucuan Preserve and Kingsley Plantation. She attended the special artists' reception at the White House. The ornament features portraits of the buildings, crops, and the enslaved people who labored at the plantation. Her inspiration came from historical photographs and the natural environment.

Suzanne Pickett, a Florida native, owns her own art firm. People and nature are her inspiration, and she carries that into her own unique art style. Ms. Pickett is president of the Jacksonville Consortium of African American Artists, which fosters an environment that encourages African American arts and artists to flourish and succeed in the business of art. She has also worked on several projects with the Preserve.

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Last updated: April 14, 2015

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