Flora of the Timucuan Preserve

Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve
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Adapted from the work by Laura Elston, Christina Frank, Angela Rutland, Keely Wells and
Dr. Nisse Goldberg
Jacksonville University
April 2008
Daniel R. Tardona, Editor, National Park Service, Timucuan Preserve

Park Information

The Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve covers 46,000 acres and offers visitors a chance to experience unspoiled, Florida wilderness. Nature trails wind through hardwood forests, wetlands, and scrub vegetation. Home to diverse populations of plants and animals, the Preserve was once inhabited by the Timucua Indians at the time of European contact.

Common Flora of the Timucuan Preserve

During a visit to various areas within the preserve, one may encounter a wide variety of plants. Some species are more abundant than others. This section of the field guide will describe the most common plants one might see during a visit. Listed are the common and scientific names of each plant, its habit (growth form), habitat type, flowering period, pollinators, size, where it is can be found in the park, and other interesting information such as present and past medicinal uses.


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