Natural Resources

National parks contain many of our nation's most treasured natural resources. The National Park Service combines the best available science with innovative education and stewardship programs to preserve these treasures for generations to come. We encourage you to learn about the natural resources in the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. Discover the issues that affect our Park and explore how we can join together to address them.

Conducting Research in the Preserve

A Scientific Research and Collecting Permit is required for most scientific activities pertaining to natural resources or social science studies in National Park System areas that involve fieldwork, specimen collection, and/or have the potential to disturb resources or visitors. When permits are required for scientific activities pertaining solely to cultural resources, including archeology, ethnography, history, cultural museum objects, cultural landscapes, and historic and prehistoric structures, other permit procedures apply.

NPS Inventory & Monitoring Program

As part of the National Park Service's effort to "improve park management through greater reliance on scientific knowledge," a primary role of the Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Program is to collect, organize, and make available natural resource data and to contribute to the Service's institutional knowledge by facilitating the transformation of data into information through analysis, synthesis, and modeling.

Integration of Resource Management Applications (IRMA)

IRMA is the start of the National Park Service's "one-stop" for data and information on park-related natural resources. The IRMA project webpage has additional information about using IRMA, NPS training webinars, and the latest release version details. Search by Park name to find information relevant to you.

Explore Nature in the National Parks

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