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witness tree
The witness tree that stands over the graveyard.

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We value the public's reaction to the announcement of the slave graveyard. Here are a few samples of the public response.

"We believe this is an important historic site. It is wonderful to have it preserved and allow the public free access."

"I believe the discovery and excavation of the slave burials are of great importance. These burials can reflect the lives of the slaves who were once forced to work here at Kingsley Plantation. They can also better project a picture of the collision of many different cultures, including differences in religion and practices."

"I think that the slave graveyard should be marked off to give recognition to the slaves who lost their life. DNA testing should also happen."

"I believe there should be further research on the deceased, such as DNA testing, also should be mark, with a fence around it for respect."

"Me and my family have been coming here for years. Its always very interesting to see how it was many years ago. We came today because we heard about the discovery of the grave site. We brought our kids to show them. One thing I like is that after the dig everything was put back and buried again out of respect. Love coming here."

"The work being done here on the slave burial grounds is important. I think to discover the connections of the cultures of the enslaved and also to provide a memorial region for ancestors."

"I was present at the announcement of the current findings of possible slave burials sites on the plantation. Being a life-long native of the Island, it would be wonderful to mark the site in some way to honor those interred and also to facilitate education and discussion of this historically rich island."

"Only disturb areas that require minimal destruction of area. Respect interest of descendants."

"The area where bodies were found should be studied and marked."

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Discovery of a Graveyard

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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