Inventory of Zephaniah Kingsley's Estate

Documents on this page transribed by Mark Fleszar, 2007.

Kingsley Beatty Gibbs, Inventory of Z. Kingsley Estate, Fort George Island, 12 December 1844 (Copy from Duval County Courthouse)

Inventory of the personal property & effects of the late Zeph: Kingsley dec’d, that has come to hands or control of his Executors. Fort Geo: Isld. Dec: 12th:

1844 Negroes. (slaves)

Jose, Penda, Mira, Nacebo, Mary, William.
Carpenter Bill, Hannah, Frank, Lavinia, Alonzo, Mary Ann, & Bill.
Carpenter Bony, Mary, Beck, Scipio, Louis, Esther, George, Jena, June, Sarah.
Lindo, Sophy, Labo, George, Philip.
Genoma, Jenny, Mike, Augustus.
Betty, Patty, Jenny.
Qualla, Letitia, Victorine.
Horse Bill, Yamba, Bolivar.
Abdalla, Bella, Paul, Amie.
Tamba, Costa, Monroe, Jeffry, Thomas.
Prince, Julia Ann.
Sam, Elsey.
Jim, Becca.
Hannibal, Peggy, Eliza, Nancy.
Andrew, Nancy, Jacob, Sylvia, Adam.
Tomassa, Rose, Jack, David.
Brutus, Nancy, Chloe, Joe, Amelia.


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Negroes (over)

Toby, Patty.
Couper, Dick, Comba.
Romeo- David- Dick-
Betsey, Celeste, John, Emma.
Old Rose.


Carts – Waggons – Plantation Tools.


Corn. Peas. Potatoes – crop of 1843 need by the plantation


Flat - Boats – Sch: No: Carolina


Ame [?] - Books – Maps.


Horses & Cattle

40 Head of Cattle (supposed)

7 head of mules (one not yet recovered)

5 head of Horses.

Harness. Saddle &c.

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Crop at San Jose 1843

35 bales of cotton – 32 of them sold by Mitchell & Mure (3 yet on hand, stained)
the nett proceeds of which, is __________$2550.76

Sugar & molasses – sold by the manager Mr. McNeill to Mr. Holmes of Jacksonville & credit in his acct agst the Estate for supplies (? his account)

oranges on Drayton Isld & Buena Vista also sold by Mr. McNeill, I [ ] in his account.


Claim for Losses 1812 & 1813.

Amount received from the Treasury of The U. States, for claim for losses - $77,300-


Stated by
K. B. Gibbs

In addition to the above, I was paid by F[ ] & Mackon, balance of account due Z. Kingsley – the sum of ____________ $374.73.
K. B. Gibbs, Esch:

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