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"Art. II - Process of Manufacturing...[Sugar]," by Zephaniah Kingsley, Southern Agriculturist, October 1830.

1830 Census (Kingsley listed). [2500 KB pdf]

"To the Public," [discussion of Kingsley's politics], The Floridian, May 18, 1831.

"The Florida Pamphlet," [response to Kingsley's Treatise], Genius of Universal Emancipation, May 1831. [432 KB pdf]

"General Intelligence," [Kingsley's slaves report leaving Drayton Island because of Indians], Zion's Herald, July 19, 1831.

"Notes of an Invalid, No. 9," [visit to Kingsley's plantation], Christian Register and Boston Observer, September 30, 1837.

"Hayti," by Zephaniah Kingsley, The Friend; a Religious and Literary Journal, July 21, 1838.

"Hayti," [response to Kingsley], The Colored American, August 1838.

"Summary of News," [Kingsley emigration to Hayti], Boston Recorder, August 9, 1839.


Article excerpt, from: The Floridian, (Tallahassee, FL) Saturday, April 04, 1840; Issue 36; col C; Letter, Moses Levy to Zephaniah Kingsley, from: The Floridian, (Tallahassee, FL) Saturday, April 04, 1840; Issue 36; col C; "Emigration to Haiti," The Sun (Baltimore), Wednesday, November 11, 1840; "Kingsley's Plantation," Emancipator and Free American (Boston), September 1, 1842; Zephaniah Kingsley's Obituary, St. Augustine News, 30 September 1843;

The petition to the will made by Martha McNeill and others to Judge Farquhar Bethune, filed November 30, 1844. (M87-20, Florida State Archives, Tallahassee)

Kingsley Beatty Gibbs, Inventory of Z. Kingsley Estate, Fort George Island, 12 December 1844

The executors' response (Benjamin A. Putnam and Kingsley B. Gibbs) to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley, widow of Zephaniah Kingsley. September 5, 1846. (M87-20, Florida State Archives, Tallahassee)

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