Chronology of Kingsley Plantation

Kingsley Plantation Timeline

1765-1771 Island owned by Richard Hazard who operated an indigo plantation with the use of slave labor.

1765 Zephaniah Kingsley born in Bristol, England.

1791-1804 John McQueen owns Ft. George Island and establishes it as a Sea Island cotton plantation.

1793 Anta Majigeen (Anna) born in Senegal, West Africa.

1798 Plantation house is built by McQueen’s skilled slave craftsmen.

1803 Kingsley immigrates to Spanish Florida.

1806 Kingsley purchases and marries Anna at an auction in Havana, Cuba.

1804-1814 John Houston McIntosh owns Ft. George Island. He operates the Sea Island cotton plantation and becomes the leader of the Patriots’ Rebellion.

1814 The Kingsleys move to Ft. George Island.

1814-1839 Ft. George Island is the primary residence for Kingsley. The plantation produced Sea Island cotton, sugarcane and other provisions.

1821 Florida is a United States territory.

1824 Youngest son of Anna and Zephaniah, John Maxwell, born free at the plantation.

1837 Anna Kingsley moves to Haiti and lives at the family’s agricultural community called Myorasgo de Koka

1839-1853 Zephaniah Kingsley’s nephew Kingsley Beattv Gibbs owns Ft. George Island.

1843 Zephaniah dies in New York at age 78.

1845 Florida becomes the 27th state in the union.

1846 Anna returns to Jacksonville from Haiti.

1854-1855 Charles Thompson owns Ft. George Island.

1869-1923 John Rollins and family owns Ft. George Island. End of plantation period.

1870 Anna Kingsley dies in Jacksonville at age 77.

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