Sea Island Cotton Resources

Book Resources

Porcher, Richard Dwight and Fick Sara; 2005. Story of Sea Island Cotton. Wyrick & Company.

Schafer, Daniel L; "Zephaniah Kingsley’s Laurel Grove Plantation, 1803-1813" in Colonial Plantations and Economy in Florida, in Landers, Jane G., Ed. 2000. University Press of Florida.

Yafa, Stephen; 2005. Big Cotton. Viking.

Web Resources

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Bellis, Mary. Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin. Inventors.

Cotton’s Journey – The Story of Cotton; 2003. The Alaca Company.

The Cotton South before and after the Civil War, Chapter Outline from Major Problems In American Environmental History.

The Continental Gin.

The Great Cotton Revolution in England and America. August 31, 1861. The New York Herald.

Farmers Urged to Produce Sea Island Cotton. October 18, 2006. Jamaica Information Service.

Gomes, Anthony, February 1, 2006. Spinning a Yarn. The Jamaican Observer.

Nevis Set to Revive Cotton Production. January 13, 2007. Caribbean Net News.

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