Hannah, the daughter of Old Rose and Scipio, was born around 1803 and resided as a slave at the Laurel Grove Plantation of Zephaniah Kingsley, located at the current day area of Doctor's Lake, south of Jacksonville, Florida. She is listed as one of the 41 slaves kidnapped by the Alachua Creeks during the patriot rebellion of 1812. Hannah disappeared for approximately eight years before turning up in the ownership of Don Philipe Solano of St Augustine. Her bill of sale was signed by Alachua Creeks, so it may be surmised that she was their slave for those eight years.

During her time with the natives, she had a child named Joe who also went to the Solano plantation. Hannah married a fellow slave named Dick, possibly a former Kingsley slave stolen by the Creeks that took Hannah, and had a child named Mary. Hannah, Joe, and Mary ran away from Solano's plantation. They returned to the Creeks of Alachua, though as free blacks rather than the spoils of war. This fact allowed them to live in relative autonomy amongst the Native towns or associated black towns surrounding Alachua.

Hannah and her children appear in the historic record again in 1839 at Tampa Bay where they were awaiting removal to Oklahoma. As the Florida Native Americans were removed to the Oklahoman reservations, the U.S. government's policy was to remove all blacks associated with them as well. This was done, effectively to minimize the hostilities of the Natives by allowing them to keep their slaves or black tribal members. Hannah and her family were able to escape Florida by this fact. They were sent to the Deep Fork, or Northern most fork of the Canadian River where the Seminole Chief Micanopy and his tribe were relocated. Hannah's son Joe was later sent there as well where he met Hannah, his sister Mary, his new brother-in-law Dennis, and their infant child. Although research on their fates is still forth coming, it is highly likely their family prospered in their new home.

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