Stone Family Cemetery Trail

The Stone Family Cemetery Trail leads from the Visitor Center to the burial site of Thomas Stone and his family. This trail also has a spur that leads to the Thomas Stone House and another spur that leads to the main park road and returns to the Visitor Center.


Out and Back

Quick Details

  • Distance (round-trip): 0.5 miles
  • Duration (round-trip): 10 - 15 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy


The trail starts at the rear entrance to the Visitor Center. From there, follow the wooden boardwalk westward for 250 feet through a wooded area. This section is an uneven, unpaved surface and can sometimes be muddy.

At the exit of the wooded area, take the mown path which leads to the cemetery (the right-hand branch is part of the spur trail that heads north to the gravel Thomas Stone House Road). The trail extends another 200 feet through a field on a mostly level, grassy trail, which ends at the Stone Family Cemetery.

Trail Map

Stone Family Cemetery Short Out/Back Trail

Spur to Thomas Stone House

Quick Details

  • Distance: 0.5 miles
  • Duration: 15 - 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy


The trail starts at the Stone Family Cemetery and proceeds for 600 feet along a mown trail through a mostly level field. The trail ends at a spot near the East Wing of the Thomas Stone House. Entrance into the Thomas Stone House is through the porch entrance on the south side.

To return to the Visitor Center, go to the far (west) end of the Thomas Stone House where the "Stones of Maryland" wayside sign and the Thomas Stone House Parking Lot are located.

From the Thomas Stone House Parking Lot, turn right (east) on the mostly level, gravel covered Thomas Stone House Road for 700 feet.

At the intersection with the park entrance road, turn to the right (southeast) and follow for 200 feet to reach the Visitor Center Parking Lot.

Trail Map

Map image showing cemetery and Thomas Stone House
Park Map showing trail to Stone Family Cemetery and Spur Trail to Thomas Stone House.


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