Yellowstone National Park

Parker headed first to the area called Roosevelt, so-named because it was thought to be near the place where Theodore Roosevelt camped during his 1903 visit to Yellowstone. Unfortunately it is late in the season - the snow flies pretty early 'round there - and Parker found the area closed to the general public.
Undeterred, Parker and his guides scooted under the fence and hiked up to the Roosevelt Lodge. His guides said that there was a portrait of TR hung over the fireplace so Parker hopped up to take a look.
Parker was popped after all that hiking, and after seeing that there were definitely no rooms to be had at the inn...
...he decided to camp out on the porch for a little nap.
At least, until he was attacked by a strange creature of some sort.
Finally somebody at the Yellowstone River picnic ground invited Parker to lunch.
After a lunch that big, Parker headed for the latrine where a gentleman snapped this picture while muttering something like "Guess that answers that age-old question." Parker wasn't sure of his meaning and decided that he was probably touched.
Parker standing in front of Electric Peak, Yellowstone's highest mountain.
In front of Roosevelt Arch, dedicated by TR in 1903 "for the benefit and enjoyment of the people."

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