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Parker is an "outdoorsy" sort of bear, very fond of camping and hiking in the great outdoors (just like TR!). When Nat and Parker decided to tour the National Park Service, they divided it up so that Parker would take parks in the western United States. Most of his stops would be west of the Mississippi River. He was thrilled with the news, because most of the big natural parks, with thousands of acres to explore, are out west.

Parker's trip journal is still being posted, so please check back for updates. Parker has promised to bite the webmaster if his photos don't get up soon. (We hope he was joking!)


Joshua Tree National Park

Twentynine Palms, California

Week of May 6, 2002

Lenora and Gang,

Having a great time! Wish you were here! JT is great!


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Tumacacori National Historical Park

Tumacacori, Arizona

Week of May 20, 2002

Hello to all my friends back at home!

It's been hot and sunny here in southern Arizona. I spent the day here at Tumacácori yesterday - it's so beautiful and peaceful! I got to meet some conservators from Mexico City, had lunch with the staff, and got the grand tour of the mission grounds. I spent the night visiting the bear family of Ranger Anita's children - very friendly bears. On to Texas!

Love, Parker

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Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Johnson City, Texas

Week of June 3, 2002

Hi, everybody! I got to my first presidential park yesterday! I can't wait to learn all about LBJ - I think he and TR had a LOT in common. How's Nat? I miss him and you-all (that's Texan for "you") a lot and hope you'll have a fun Memorial Day weekend.



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Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde, Colorado

Week of June 17, 2002

Hi Everyone!

I'm having a great time here at Mesa Verde National Park. I've learned a lot and I've met many nice people. I've even earned another Junior Ranger badge. I should have quite a collection when I get home. Hope you all are well. I'll be off on my next adventures soon. Arches, here I come!

Much love,


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Arches National Park

Moab, Utah

Week of July 1, 2002

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Zion National Park

Springdale, Utah

Week of July 15, 2002

Hi everybody! Here I am riding the Zion shuttle. It's really convenient for folks like me without driver's licenses. I got to see the whole canyon. I saw huge cliffs with names like Angel's Landing and the Great White Throne. Did you know today is a holiday in Utah? It's Pioneer Day, commemorating the Mormon's arrival in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. There's even a parade in Springdale today. The Mormons were the first white Americans to settle this canyon. They named it Zion which means a place of sanctuary. More soon.



P.S. I met Superintendent Marty Ott yesterday. He likes to ride horses too!

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Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Week of July 29, 2002

To all my friends,

Having a wonderful time here at Phantom Ranch.

Miss you all!

Bear Hugs,


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Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site

Buffalo, New York

Week of August 12, 2002

"Back to Buffalo to get some chicken wings for the road.."

After traveling to seven parks and over 6,000 miles, Parker came home to get some good home cooking (pizza and wings) before heading out again. While he was home he also got to visit his friends at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural NHS and tell them all sorts of stories of the neat places he got to visit and the wonderful people he got to meet. Boy, were they jealous!

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