Wind Cave National Park

Parker learns that Wind Cave NP is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and that Teddy Roosevelt signed the legislation creating Wind Cave on January 9, 1903.
Parker gets his official Centennial Pin, which all employees of the park wear in celebration of the park's birthday.
Parker gets his passport stamped.
Parker checks out the Natural Entrance to Wind Cave.
Parker recreates the initial discovery of the cave in 1881 by a cowboy whose hat was blown off by the winds. Parker's guide explains that the winds are caused by changes in the barometric pressure.
Parker explores the cave, following the trail markers left by other cave explorers.
The dark, cool environment makes Parker want to relax and dream sweet dreams until spring. Parker thinks that this is the perfect place for a little bear to hibernate!
Parker pays his respects at the grave of early cave explorer Alvin McDonald. Alvin died of typhoid fever at the age of 20, and was buried near the cave entrance.
Parker uses his binoculars to explore the above-ground part of Wind Cave.
Parker tries to track a coyote, using a radio collar that resources managers use to track the movements of the park's wildlife.
Forestry Tech Sabrina, seeing that Parker had been red-carded at Great Smoky Mountain NP, outfits Parker in Nomex and tries to teach him how to use a Type 6 Engine. Unfortunately the Type 6 Engine and its hoses can be a bit challenging for a little bear to control!
Parker learns about the law enforcement aspect of being a park ranger, including getting his paw prints taken.
Before leaving, Ranger Tom surprises Parker with a 100th Birthday cake to celebrate both Wind Cave's and the teddy bear's 100th birthdays. Now that Parker's tummy is full, it's time to jump in the box and travel on to Yosemite NP

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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