Death Valley National Park

Parker's arrival at Death Valley.
On his first day at Death Valley, he meets the staff - although he was a little distracted when the picture was taken.
Parker visits the Geologist Cabin in Butte Valley. Anyone can stay here for free as long as they bring all they need and clean up after themselves. Parker's thinking about moving in here.
Parker visits an old mill used to process gold at the turn of the century, though unfortunately he didn't find any gold.
Taking in the sights at the old Ashford Mill Ruins.
After taking all his touring, Parker helps Ranger Housley give a talk - and winds up stealing the show.
Parker is treated to the maiden voyage of the park's new "Mobile Entrance Station." He wasn't too good at collecting money, but he sure drew a crowd.
Parker adds his input on a special desert pupfish program that will eventually become an interactive web site. Parker thinks it's cool, but was a little disappointed that they wouldn't let him do any fishing.
Parker takes a short nap by Salt Creek in preparation for the long trip to his next park.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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