Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated as the 26th President of the United States in Buffalo in 1901. For a brief biography, click Here...

For more information on Theodore Roosevelt's life, try the non-profit Theodore Roosevelt Association's website.

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Ansley Wilcox
Ansley Wilcox
The Ansley Wilcox family resided in the home where Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated in 1901. More...

During your visit to the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, you may hear from several other people who lived during his Presidency.

These people had strong views about what the nation needed at the beginning of the 20th century. Would they be please by Theodore Roosevelt's Presidency, or disappointed?

People you will encounter during your visit include:

Labor leader John Mitchell, President of the United Mine Workers of America.

Social reformer Jane Addams, founder of Hull House.

Educator and civil rights leader Booker T. Washington.

Conservationist John Muir.

Secretary of War (1899-1904)/Secretary of State (1905-1901) Elihu Root.

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