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Watch for Wildlife at Prairie Dog Town

Prairie dog standing up outside of its burrow with the edges of the photo darkened.
Check out the main attraction at prairie dog town!

NPS Photo

Spot prairie dogsfoxes, and deer, oh my! Take time to enjoy the WILDer side of Devils Tower. On your drive into or out of the park, stop at one of the three pullouts near the prairie dog town at Devils Tower. As you watch for wildlife, learn more about the main attraction at prairie dog town, the prairie dogs! These small rodents live in towns in burrows underneath the surface. Visit during spring, summer, and fall to have a better chance at seeing these fun animals before they head underground in the winter.

Bring your binoculars and point them to the sky! You may find peregrine or prairie falcons, or even turkey vultures flying around. This area of the park is thriving with wildlife activity.

Do not approach or feed wildlife in the park. Keep wildlife wild by observing from a distance, using a zoom lens for photographs, and disposing of trash properly. 


All ages, minors should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Leashed pets are allowed on paved road and pullouts. Pets are not allowed in prairie dog town or on hiking trails in the park. To prevent harm to both pets and wildlife, do not allow pets to interact with animals.

There are three pullouts along the park road from which you can view the prairie dog town and watch for wildlife.

Spring, summer, and fall: These are the best times of year to spot wildlife.

Winter: Most park animals will not be out due to cold temperatures.

Accessibility Information

Prairie dog town is accessible by ADA standards. The pullouts along the Main Park Road are paved; they are wheelchair and assistive device accessible.

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Last updated: October 27, 2020