Walk Your Dog at Murphy Farm

two leashed dogs look down a grassy trail.
Two leashed dogs are ready to proceed with their owner along the grassy trail around the fields at Murphy-Chambers Farm.

NPS Photo/Roberta Wendel

You and your pets will enjoy the Murphy-Chambers Farm hike through fields and wooded ravines to see spectacular views of the Shenandoah River and the surrounding mountains, as well as Civil War cannons, earthworks and the footprint of the John Brown Fort.

The trail starts at the Visitor Center, but can also be accessed from a parking area on the farm, which allows for an easy 0.75 mile stroll to the Shenandoah River overlook. From the Visitor Center, the trail crosses Shoreline Drive, goes down to a small creek and up to the unpaved farm entrance road. Here, hikers can stay on the road or go left and follow the tree line. Both trails lead to the overlook of the Shenandoah River. Near the overlook is the 1895-1909 site of the John Brown Fort and the Niagara Movement's 1906 pilgrimage. This was also the scene of Confederate General A.P. Hill's flanking maneuver in 1862.

From the overlook, hikers can follow a mulched trail that leads into the woods. This section of the trail goes to another view of the river and Civil War earthworks. The trail loops back to the farm road or turns left across a footbridge for 0.5 miles one way to a small creek.

Plan your visit with your dog appropriatly by reviewing the park's pet page.
The trail is just over a mile. Take your time to let your pup take in the scents. There are also exhibits that explain the history of the family who lived here, the battle action that took place here, and the relationship of Murphy Farm to other parts of the battlefield. 
You are required to leash your dog and clean up after them. 

This is a trash free facility so please take the waste with you.

Deer and other animals bring ticks with them so be aware and prepare to treat your dog. 

If the weather is hot and the sun is up take water for you and your dog.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
Make your first stop the park visitor center for directions to the Murphy-Chambers Farm. 
Almost any time during the winter, spring, or fall are ideal times to walk here. The warmer it is the hotter it will become for you and your dog. On warm days plan to walk early or late. Summer is good but the heat and humidity increase the potential for ticks. 
Early in the day and evening are the best times to be out at Murphy Farm.

Last updated: June 4, 2018