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Visit the African American Civil War Memorial

African American Civil War Memorial

Over 200,000 African-American soldiers and sailors served in the U.S. Army and Navy during the Civil War. Their service helped to end the war and free over four million slaves. The African American Civil War Memorial in Washington, DC honors their service and sacrifice. 



Pets are allowed on the National Mall grounds on leashes no longer than 6 feet, but are not allowed inside memorial areas. 

Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.

The address is 1925 Vermont Avenue Northwest, Washington DC 20001. The memorial is located at the corner of Vermont Avenue, 10th St, and U Street NW, near the U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro Station.

Getting There

Public Transit

The memorial is most easily accessible by bus and Metro service to the African American Memorial/UStreet/Cardoza Metro station.

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The Nation's Capital area is bicycle friendly and readily accessible to riders of nearly every skill level. For detailed information, see Bicycling Information.

Street parking is available on Vermont Ave NW, but may be limited. For information on getting to the city of Washington, DC by car, visit National Mall and Memorial Parks's Directions page.

Accessibility Information
The African American Civil War Memorial is a unit of National Mall and Memorial Parks. The Memorial is wheelchair accessible.
For more information about accessibility at National Mall and Memorial Parks, please visit our parkwide Accessibility page.
Accessibility is a top priority for National Mall and Memorial Parks. Many of our facilities are historic and accessibility is not always ideal. However, we are always working to improve accessibility. We have established a parkwide Accessibility Coordinator. Your comments on accessibility areas for improvement are always appreciated. Please feel free to email us!

African American Civil War Memorial

Visitors at the African American Civil War Memorial.
Visitors at the African American Civil War Memorial.

NPS / Terry Adams

Wall of Honor

Inscribed on the Wall of Honor are the names of 209,145 soldiers of the USCT 175 regiments, 7,000 white Officers and 2,145 Hispanic surnames. Also honored are the approximate 20,000 Navy sailors whose names are not yet on the wall because the Navy was not segregated.

Spirit of Freedom Sculpture

Ed Hamilton's sculpture 'Spirit of Freedom' depicts three infantrymen and a sailor defending freedom. Above them is the face of the Spirit of Freedom watching over like an angel with her arms crossed. The other side of the statue shows a scene of a soldier with his family. Inscribed on the sculpture base: 'Civil War to Civil rights and Beyond. This Memorial is dedicated to those who served in African American units of the Union Army in the Civil War. The 209,145 names inscribed on these walls commemorate those fighters of freedom.'


Last updated: May 24, 2017