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Bringing Horses

Horse corrals and camping trailers with desert hills rising behind.
Horse corrals and camping trailers at Dog Canyon.


Camping is authorized for overnight horse users only at the visitor horse corrals, with a permit. The visitor horse corrals and campsites at Frijole Horse Corral Campground and Dog Canyon Campground can be reserved in advance of the visit.

The Dog Canyon Visitor Corral and the Frijole Visitor Horse Corral have a capacity of 10 animals.

A free Wildernes Use Permit is required for all use of stock animals, which can be obtained at the Pine Spring Visitor Center upon arrival.
2-7 Days
Horse Camping (see also Horse/Stock Use)
Pets disturb wildlife and are not allowed on trails. Your pets should remain at home as opportunities for pets are very limited in the park.
Horse corral fees are $15.00 daily, in addition to appropriate campsite fees at the Dog Canyon Campground or Frijole Horse Corral Campground. 

Park entry fee required for all adult visitors.

A free Wilderness Use Permit is required for all use of stock animals, which can be obtained at the Pine Springs Visitor Center upon arrival.
Winter, Spring, Fall
Time of Day
Day, Night
Accessibility Information

Trail surfaces are loose rock or hardened rock surfaces. Hiking or trekking poles are highly recommended. Trail widths vary from two to six feet depending on the trail. 


All trailhead areas have accessible parking available. 

Service animals 

Only service animals that have been individually trained to perform specific tasks for the benefit of persons with disabilities are allowed in the park and on trails.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Last updated: March 8, 2023