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A hiker on a trail leading out of the desert into the mountains

Hiking the trails in the Guadalupes

Learn more about hiking the diverse trail system in the largest wilderness area in Texas.

Highway traffic passes in front of a desert mountain canyon

Scenic Drives

While no roads pass through the heart of the park, a series of roads lead to the mountains and provide access to the interior.

Plan your backpacking trip in the Guadalupe Mountains.

Backpacking in the Guadalupes

Begin here to plan your backpacking adventure, check out our recommended itineraries or create your own.

A bird in flight against a bright blue sky

Birds and Birding

Discover the best spots in the park to spot birds.

Trees in a twilight landscape with stars in the sky


A canopy of stars is visible from horizon to horizon on every clear night at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

A javelina looks at the camera while standing on the trail.

Wildlife Viewing

Desert animals are most active at night. It is often easier to observe animal signs than to see the animals themselves.

A bright tent in a tent campsite with mountains behind it.

Developed Campgrounds

Learn about primitive tent and RV camping at the Pine Springs and Dog Canyon campgrounds.

A metal sign in front of a wilderness campsite pad

Wilderness Campgrounds

Backpackers can choose from 10 designated campgrounds when planning a trip in the Guadalupe Mountains Wilderness.

Multi-colored leaves displayed on trees

Fall Colors

The fall colors season in Guadalupe Mountains National Park typically begins in mid-October and continues through mid-November.

If time is a limiting factor in your visit, consider the following suggestions:
One Hour: Stop by the Pine Springs Visitor Center, walk through the museum, watch the visitor slide show, and walk the Pinery Nature Trail.
Half Day: Take the day to take one of our hikes in the park. Consider hiking the Smith Spring Trail (2.3 mi. round-trip), the Devil's Hall Trail (4.3 mi. round-trip), or the McKittrick Canyon Trail (5-7 mi. round-trip).
Full Day: Pick a day hike that can lead you into a riparian area or high up into the conifer forest. Common day hikes include the Guadalupe Peak Trail, The Bowl Trail, or the McKittrick Canyon Trail leading to The Grotto.

Last updated: August 9, 2021

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