Camp at Kontrashibuna Lake

Mountains and trees reflect in blue water
Kontrashibuna Lake offers awesome views in the calm hours of evening and morning

NPS / W. Hill

A Night in the Wild

Carry everything you need for a night in the Alaskan wilderness on your back and head to this beautiful spot a short distance from Port Alsworth. Eat marshmellows around a campfire, go fishing from the shore or watch beavers swimming in the lake. Kontrashibuna Lake is a great getaway for beginning backpackers and offers incredible views.

To learn more about camping here, visit our Kontrashibuna Lake page.

Ranger Recommendation

Be prepared for changing weather, biting insects, and possible bear encounters. Proper food storage is required. Learn more about staying safe in bear country and the food storage requirements before you head out on your adventure.
This is a great introductory backpacking trip for children. Children should be accompanied by an adult.
Pets are allowed in the park and preserve. However, because Lake Clark is excellent bear and moose habitat it is strongly encouraged that you leave your pets at home. All pets must be leashed.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.

Last updated: July 7, 2017