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Submerged Resources - Request for Assistance

For more than thirty years, the National Park Service Submerged Resources Center has been a nationally and internationally recognized leader in operational and scientific diving as well as the location, documentation, interpretation, and preservation of underwater resources--primarily cultural resources. The center embraces an interdisciplinary approach to resource management issues and works actively across disciplines to provide science-based recommendations to parks and partners in line with the preservation mandate of the United States National Park Service.

The mission of the Submerged Resources Center is to provide direct project support to superintendents and partners responsible for the stewardship of submerged resources, and to enhances and facilitate public appreciation, access, understanding, and preservation of these resources.

SRC apportions our assistance to parks based on:

  • Impending threats to NPS Submerged Resources
  • Projects in line with Director's priorities for sustainability, adaptation to climate change, as well as youth and community involvement
  • Projects that will generate sustainable capacity at the park level for submerged resources protection, interpretation and management
  • Projects that develop models for submerged resources protection, interpretation and management that can be applied elsewhere in the NPS system and to other agencies
  • Projects that span the divide between natural resources management and cultural resources management both at a park operations level and a national level
  • Projects that build partnerships between parks and local and national partners for the protection, interpretation and management of submerged resources
  • Projects that advance the overall image and visibility of the National Park Service and our preservation mandate
  • Projects that highlight some of our exceptional submerged resources.

External funding for these priorities is obviously a factor that we consider when developing a work plan, but is not the only factor.

SRC support to National Park units is provided through the Service-wide comprehensive call for cultural resources assistance and the Project Management Information System (PMIS). Support to external partners and programs is negotiated directly with the Chief of the Submerged Resources Center.

In either case, please contact:

David L. Conlin Ph.D.
Archeologist, Chief
National Park Service
Submerged Resources Center
12795 West Alameda Pkwy.
Lakewood, CO 80228
(303) 969-2665

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Last Updated: October 22, 2012