National Park Service: Discover History and Historic Preservation in the National Park Service

Discover History and Historic Preservation in the National Park Service

Stories of America’s diverse places and people are everywhere. Our stories are found across the landscapes of our nation, in more than 400 national parks, in National Heritage Areas, along historic trails and waterways, and in every neighborhood.

The National Park Service invites you to discover American history in all its diversity, from ancient archeological places to the homes of poets and Presidents to the sobering stories of Civil War soldiers and civilians to the legacy of a courageous woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus. Our history is part of who we were, who we are, and who we will be.

Our national Heritage Initiatives are helping us to tell the stories of all Americans and recognizing the special places associated with our diverse past. Learn more about American history by exploring American Latino heritage and Asian American Pacific Islander heritage, Women's history, and LGBTQ history.

We invite you to explore historic preservation and the tools we use to help preserve and protect the places where history happened. Explore our cultural resource programs to find preservation assistance resources, grant information, internship and volunteer opportunities, and much more.

Explore the NPS thematic framework, which is an outline of major themes and concepts that help us to conceptualize American history. It is used to help identify cultural resources that embody America's past and to describe and analyze the multiple layers of history encapsulated within each resource.