Science and Technology

American women have been researching and applying science since the earliest times. American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians hold detailed Traditional Ecological Knowledge (also known as TEK). Such knowledge of plants, animals and the natural world is the foundation for a holistic world view and technologies of fishing, gathering, hunting, agriculture, building, manufacturing and plant and animal management.

Women have also pioneered fields such as aviation and astronomy. Women like Maria Mitchell (the first woman astronomer) revolutionized the way society understands the universe. Other figures, like Sergeant Amelia Jones, broke barriers by becoming the first in their fields. The stories of these women remind us how important their work is in understanding the larger story of American history.

Women wearing white in surgical theater
Women of Public Health and Medicine

Women have always been central to the history of health. They have been doctors, nurses, midwives, activists, and public health experts.

Stories of Women in Science and Technology

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