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A Declaration

Outside the Woman’s Rights Convention of 1848, Lotty and Isaiah rescue their new friend Florence and realize the power of the time traveling sash. Can they make it back home?

Host: Aly Raisman

Lesson Plan

Developed by the National Park Service
Image of Lesson Plan for Magic Sash episode 2
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Download the lesson plan for this episode of The Magic Sash to dive into the themes of this episode. There are five pages.

Guiding Question: Why do groups supporting different movements sometimes work together?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will understand and summarize the importance of the "Declaration of Sentiments."

  2. Students will analyze text and a map to explain why Seneca Falls and the surrounding area was the location for the Women's Rights Convention of 1848.

  3. Students will compare and contrast the goals of the women's rights and anti-slavery movements and explain why some leaders supported both movements.

Places Associated with this Episode

About the Podcast

Lotty - Katelyn Joseph
Isaiah - David Dotson
Young Florence - Tessa Espinola
Mr. Whitaker - Greg Wood
Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Amy Hutchins
Frederick Douglass - Postell Pringle
Susan B. Anthony - Susan Riley Stevens

The Magic Sash is a production of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission, the National Park Service, TRAX from PRX, and Gen-Z Media. The podcast was envisioned by WSCC Executive Director Anna Laymon with support from Kelsey Millay. Executive Producers: Genevieve Sponsler (TRAX from PRX) and Ben Strouse (Gen-Z Media). Creators: Benjamin Strouse, David Kreizman and Chris Tarry. Writers: Sandy Rustin and David Kreizman. Music: Peter Kiesewalter. Additional Music: Chris Tarry and Jennifer Rowekamp. Sound design and music editing: Chris Tarry and Darian Newsome. Production Director: Michelle Tattenbaum.

Original Air Date: August 12, 2020

Last updated: August 12, 2020


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