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The Magic Sash is a journey back in time hosted by gold medal gymnast and advocate Aly Raisman. Join Lotty and Isaiah, two very modern fifth graders, as they meet iconic heroes of the movement for women’s right to vote and experience big moments in women’s suffrage first-hand. They’ll learn that what women (and men) fought for — women’s full political equality — isn’t dusty history at all.


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Episode 1: The Sash

When the adventure begins, Lotty and Isaiah are partnered up for a school project about the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment...

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Episode 2: A Declaration

Outside the Woman’s Rights Convention of 1848, Lotty and Isaiah rescue their new friend Florence and realize the power of the Sash...

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Episode 3: Susan B. vs. The Law

Lotty and Isaiah travel to 1872 where they witness Susan B. Anthony attempting to vote in the presidential election... and get arrested!

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Episode 4: Locked Up

Lotty finds herself locked in jail with a grown-up Florence and Susan B. Anthony. Isaiah stages a rescue, and the adventure continues...

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Episode 5: Harriet

When the sash is torn, Lotty and Isaiah are sent barreling forward in time to 1898, where they meet the heroic Harriet Tubman.

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Episode 6: The Procession

Lotty and Isaiah’s journey drops them in 1913, at the Woman Suffrage Procession in Washington, D.C. They find a now elderly Flo...

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Episode 7: The Vote

The Sash delivers Lotty and Isaiah to 1920 and the ratification of the 19th Amendment. Will Florence finally realize her childhood dream?

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About the Podcast

The Magic Sash is a production of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission, the National Park Service, TRAX from PRX, and Gen-Z Media. The podcast was envisioned by WSCC Executive Director Anna Laymon with support from Kelsey Millay. Executive Producers: Genevieve Sponsler (TRAX from PRX) and Ben Strouse (Gen-Z Media). Creators: Benjamin Strouse, David Kreizman and Chris Tarry. Writers: Sandy Rustin and David Kreizman. Music: Peter Kiesewalter. Additional Music: Chris Tarry and Jennifer Rowekamp. Sound design and music editing: Chris Tarry and Darian Newsome. Production Director: Michelle Tattenbaum.

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