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The Slave Dwelling Project

 The Slave Dwelling Project's mission is to identify and assist property owners, government agencies and organizations to preserve extant slave dwellings. The purpose of our work is to become a clearinghouse for the identification of resources to document and preserve these slave dwellings. It is essential that the Slave Dwelling Project serve as a conduit for the identification of preservation resources for owners of slave dwellings that have a desire to save these dwellings. We also seek to assist in the acquisition of slave dwellings within a community in order to mitigate the possibility of demolition. Our goal is to bring the general public together to educate, collaborate and organize resources to save these important collectibles of our American history.

While the Slave Dwelling Project's focus is the built environment that physically housed the enslaved, it runs parallel to the focus of the UGRR Network to Freedom Program, for these are the places from where the enslaved seeking freedom escaped. The Slave Dwelling Project is currently establishing a database that will include accounts of the enslaved who escaped their bondage and sought freedom through the means of the UGRR. This is where our two entities have the potential to merge our common knowledge and efforts.

Location: P.O. Box 1469, Ladson, South Carolina

Contact Person: Joseph McGill

Contact Information: 843-408-7727 (main phone) / slavedwellingproject@gmail.com

Website: The Slave Dwelling Project