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Florida Living History, Inc.

FLH, Inc. is committed to increasing understanding and knowledge of the early beginnings of Africans struggle for freedom which is embodied in the history of Fort Mose.  The roots of this struggle run deep into America's colonial paster.  While most American's are aware of the anti-slavery movement and the Undgeround Railroad of the 1800s, few realize that back in the 1600s and the 1700s the road to freedom went south rather than north as Africans escaped from the coastal plantations in the Carolinas and fled south into Spanish La Florida where through royal decree they were granted their freedom.

Location: 1960 U.S. Highway 1 South, PMB 193, St. Augustine, Florida

Contact Person: Dr. Richard L. Shortlidge

Contact Information: 1-800-352-4478 (main phone) / shortledger@bellsouth.net

Website: Florida Living History, Inc.