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Plano African American Museum

The Plano African American Museum is interested in an association with the National Park Service Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program because we share a common goal to educate the public on historically significant events, such as the Underground Railroad, particularly the journey through the Deep South and Texas. PAAM desires to be a part of the Underground Railroad’s modern day diversity constituency focused on the common goal of helping others escape to freedom, in this day, through research, study, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the experience of enslaved African Americans. PAAM desires to be the Texas scouts, the navigators and the conductors, much like the original Underground Railroad, who provide shelter and food for thought and study, who provide protection from distraction and disillusionment, and who provide guidance on the journey for knowledge, understanding and hope as we all prepare today for our future by exploring and studying our past. This is why PAAM seeks this association.

Location: P. O, Box 261250, Plano, Texas

Contact Person: T.J. Johnson

Contact Information: 214.659.8715 (main phone) / 214-767-2916 (fax) / tj.johnson@usdoj.gov