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North Star Productions, Inc.

North Star Productions is located in the Buffalo Trace Region of Kentucky and five minutes from historic downtown Augusta. There are a number of sites in the six county region designated as part of the Underground Railroad. In addition, Augusta was home to the first Methodist College in the world. Rev. John Gregg Fee, a famous alumnus of the college was a noted abolitionist in Kentucky. In the late 1840’s the college was in the center of the anti-slavery movement in Kentucky, and feelings against the college became so intense that the legislature repealed its charter. Augusta is also home to Kentucky’s oldest jail. The jail is being preserved and was used to hold runaway slaves for transport South. The front lawn was also the site of slave auctions. North Star is actively working with the Bracken County Historical Society to identify, preserve and protect local Underground Railroad sites. The organization works co-operatively with the historical society to conduct tours of significant sites in the area, educating hundreds of people each year. North Star is in the process of applying to the state historical society for funding to expand these tours and include local students in the research and presentation of information. North Star Productions has formed partnerships and liaisons with a number of local and regional groups dedicated to the same effort, including the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and Northern Kentucky University. Archeology students from the University are currently conducting an archeological survey of the North Star site. NKU is offering this as a credited opportunity for its students. North Star Productions’ goal is to continue to connect with regional organizations and sites whose efforts are preserving the rich legacy of the Underground Railroad and to forge partnerships that will protect and promote our history.

Location: 109 Main Street, Augusta, Kentucky

Contact Person: Shirley Mohrfield

Contact Information: 513-887-2300 (main phone) / 513-887-2304 (fax) / northstardrama@hotmail.com