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P.R.I.S.M! Educational Resource Company

P.R.I.S.M! Educational Resource Company was founded in 1996 by Mr. Gene Alexander Peters as a research-based educational resource company designed to educate about the African-American Slavery experience. Mr. Peters is an educator, researcher and collector who has traveled extensively throughout the United States had selecting and acquiring items of historical significance and has made several visits to Africa, England and to the Caribbean in order to personally research and examine the "Triangular Slave Trade" and it's legacy. Over the past (5) years, P.R.I.S.M! Educational Resource Company has provided educational services and exhibit displays for numerous educational institutions, churches, organizations, museums and conferences. With the growing interest in the research and study of the Underground Rairload, we have developed our presentation, 'UNDERSTANDING THE UNDERGROUND RAIRLOAD', to specifically focus on the all-too-important, yet often neglected period in American history. It was successfully unveiled at the "Year 2000 PA UGRR Conference' Lancaster, PA. Further we have established working relationships with the 'Forging the Freedom Trail Project' and the Brooklyn, Queens/Long Island UGRR ad-hoc consortium.

Location: PO Box 3267, South Farmingdale, New York

Contact Person: Gene Alexander

Contact Information: 631-842-9549 (main phone) / petersea@farmingdale.edu

Website: P.R.I.S.M! Educational Resource Company