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Conn's Ferry

The Conn house from which Ellick escaped was located on this property on a hill above the ferry landing. The road to the ferry Ellick traveled on before his escape remains as does the ferry landing.

The landscape is relevant to the Underground Railroad because of the escape from

Conn 's Ferry in 1817 of Ellick, an African-American worker enslaved by the Conn family. While it is unknown if he used the ferry to escape, he made the most of an opportunity, caused by the confusion of being returned from jail to his owner, to run away again. Previously Ellick ran away after being arrested and punished for theft. When caught two months after that escape, he was imprisoned in the Leesburg, Virginia, jail overnight until his captors could take him back to his owner at the ferry.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: Riverbend Park, 8700 Potomac Hills Street, Great Falls, Fairfax, 22066

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Fairfax County Park Authority

Location Type: Site

Freedom Seekers: Ellick (VA, 1817)